Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Status: It's Complicated

J. Bond  arrives home and says ..... It's Complicated!

He declared this unsolicited "status" last night while his eyes glared steadily at this .....

I get it.  His glare said it all.  Greeting him in my extra-large floral night wear, enhanced by a black and gold sparkle, was an absolute clash of print and an absurd thought of  accessorizing one's sleep. With my knack for either contradiction or reinforcement,  I reinforced the glare by saying ... Why not?  A new way of sleeping.  Good night!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is  actually a two-step practice I have long observed to test my bead creations.

Step 1.  I wear (plus pull, squeeze and bend) the bead necklace at home for quality check purposes.

Step 2.  I model the bead necklace in a mall to check its marketability.  The gauge: Glances and Stares.  A few times, queries from strangers.

When all is well and set, I sell.

But with J. Bond's complicated declaration, my mind is  now in  a state of twirl.  Is it really  complicated???    A necklace will always be a necklace. As much as a bead will always be a bead.  If we talk about time frame, it only took me an hour to design and create this latest Tala design. Unlike this year's Flora, it takes at least a day to create only one. Yet, I don't see it complicated.  A stiff complication to my back, yes.

I am a fan and a follower of these words:  UNIQUE and PLAYFUL.  Two words I  practice to keep the fire burning, and much seen in these By Beaded Story trademarks:

1.  No hooks or locks.  Backs should be accentuated as much as the front.  So a bead is used to lock the arrangement. Scarves or Ribbons are a good way of accentuating the back as well.

2.  Multi-functional.  May be worn either long or short (or a hip accent).

3.  Play of color.

4.  Very limited in quantity (6 pieces max) to keep the arrangement unique.

So, how can that be complicated???  No sense in pushing this further.  As they say Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus.

 To my dear "MARS-tian", I have taken note of your comment (with a little bit of heart.  lol.).  Your eyes may see "complicated", but  your "VENUS" sees her works this way ....

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