Thursday, May 13, 2010

Paper Thoughts

Paper planes don't fly far.  But thoughts do. 

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Here you go ... my random thoughts written on imaginary paper ... transformed into a plane ... and aimed towards your way.

TO .....

NY fam -- Good!!! Now let's be happy!

far away relatives and friends -- How are you? Hope to hear from you.

Senior Citizens -- You light up my days!!!

B=RAVE dude friend -- Thank you for the new boxes for my bead works. Your cause to recycle is truly admirable. Will settle the bill on your next "goof golf" session with J. Bond.

By Beaded Story's clients -- Your words of appreciation sent via email make me smile (really wide). Thank you for your patience and for  understanding the reason why I have chosen to go slow with my bead works this year.

the incoming Philippine President  -- Good Luck! ... and may the FORCE be with you!

MR. GILBERTO TEODORO  -- Thank you for the great inspiration.  It took someone like you to awaken my dampened spirits for our country.  Finally, I do care.  You have given me hope that one day we all get what we truly and rightfully deserve.  I repeat what I posted on your page ... Nothing ends unless we choose to.  I salute you!  ... p.s. I find it so difficult to change my profile photo in Facebook.  Not just yet!

J. Bond -- Ok.  I will fly with you to Bacolod.  But before that, a quick trip to Tagaytay is what WE NEED to do.  Two stops:  Visit Mary Ridge and deliver new bead necklaces to Sonya's Garden. Pleeeaaaaaase!!!

my readers -- Thank you! Thank you!  I wish someday ... somewhere down the road ... I meet you in person.

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