Friday, May 7, 2010

Beauty and Truth

Life is Beautiful.  Is it? 

A CLOSE relative boldly posted this yesterday  ----
de·cep·tion [dih-sep-shuhn] - noun 1. the act of deceiving; the state of being deceived.            2. something that deceives or is intended to deceive; fraud; artifice. -Synonyms trick, stratagem, ruse, wile, hoax, imposture
It's my turn  ....

What makes this beautiful? 
I say it is the lighting effect that gives emphasis on the design of the glass. 

What if lights were off?
Of course, you won't see.  Not even a trace.
What's there to see if lights are off!  NOTHING right?

Then perhaps it is in this case you'll realize what deception is all about.

Here's what I think .... it is in the superficial (and the manicured lighting effects) and shallow thrills where deception lies.  The superficial  eventually fades but can forever break the most valuable.

I stop from here.  I have said my point.

If you see beyond, even in the darkest hour, then only you can say that your .....

Courtesy of Sister # 4

..... and TRUE!


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