Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 10, 2010 Philippine Elections

May 10, 2010 was the DAY we Filipinos casted our votes.  Having talked about which presidential candidate to vote for in this blog, my indifference a few months ago have later on made its transformation into the most intense level of patriotismI think?! 

In a gist, the candidate I rooted for was clear, concise and straightforward with his realistic and achievable plans for the country.  He has inspired me on how he ran his campaign -- clean, black propaganda strictly prohibited, no emotional "ek" nor a telenovela  story.  Unfortunately, as of today, it ain't his time yet.  One day, I know the right time will come along.

Anyway, here's a few tidbits on my voting experience yesterday ....

First.... I followed the rule.  As much as I wanted to accessorize my wrist with the baller band, I didn't.  Use of campaign materials (including  baller bands, t-shirts) ended on the eve of Saturday.

But there are other ways we can show support, right? 

Green bangles without the baller band.  Go GREEN!!!  and Second .... Notice the blue file folder? Well, it contains these....

Proves how obsessed I was to vote.  Brought along all important documents making sure I had proof should my identity be questioned.  Talk about absurd thoughts!  But just making sure :)  Peeping below is my list of candidates.

So off we went to the voting precinct at 7:30 am.  Chose to vote early to avoid the long line and the 10 am scorching heat.

With my senior citizen aunt in tow, we were amazed on how organized the road of the voting  precinct looked. We were early anyway. A 2-3 minute walk from the start of this road is where the voting precinct (a basketball court) is located.

Yes, it's this HOT at 8am.  To vote in the Philippines, make sure you are well equipped:  Bring a Jug of cold water, a Hand or Wash Towel to wipe off the sweat, a hand fan (the biggest the best!), maybe sunblock (or suntan) lotion (a new way to sun bath) or if scared of the sun, bring a huge umbrella.

A little bit closer to the voting precinct.  Wow!  And I thought I was the early bird.  I thought wrong.  Obviously, everyone else wanted to be an early bird.

First step:  Make sure your name is listed.  Aside from the name, know by heart your NEW precinct number.  Apparently there is a "silent" rule that states:  Precinct numbers change without prior notice .... even if you have this precious number forever embedded in your voters affidavit and voters i.d. 

Second step:  Ask for your cluster number.  Another precious 3-digit number you will refer  to once you enter the voting precinct.

But before you are allowed to enter the gates of heaven the voting precinct, LOTS OF PATIENCE is needed to endure the 3-4 hours of your life in this .....

LONG line ......

 Really LONG LINE .... under the close to 9am SCORCHING HEAT .... and

Cars rolling along this road despite the swarm of voters around the place. 

On an entrepreneurial mindset, a handful of these vendors grabbed the opportunity to station themselves along this road, enticing heated voters to quench their impatience and burning anger with "dirty" ice cream.  Why dirty? They say dirty because of where the ice cream is made and where it is sold.

More than two  hours on the same spot (exact time 10:12am) .... confusing lines .... not a slight movement ....

I said adios!  My aunt, who was lined up under the priority lane for senior citizens,  was already situated right in front of heaven's gate.  So she stayed on. Yet, it took her a total of 4 hours to vote.  No matter how prepared and gung ho I was,  I gave up.

Apparently,  I was not alone in this white flag situation.  The news announced the low turnaround of voters due to long waiting hours, disorganized system and malfunctioning computers.

But hey, why put my vote to waste.  Most especially that I am so passionate and inspired by my candidate.  The first time I ever felt this way.  So I went back to the voting precinct at 3pm.  Lo and behold ....

I went through the voting process for a max of TEN (as in 10!) MINUTES only.  Lesson learned ... Vote in the afternoon!  Better to be a "Late than Never bird" more than an "early bird".

Despite the count posted as of today,  I am HAPPY that I was able to cast my vote for him .....

and FULFILLED that I exercised my right to VOTE!!!!

P.S.  By the way, BRAVO to yesterday's hardworking volunteers who endured the heated blows!!! 

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