Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Whoever said Mothers are only made of this .....

.... is correct.  And  WRONG

They can be FEROCIOUS too.

Despicable was what I thought after the show!  Annoyed shocked with the irrational behavior displayed by both Mother and Daughter.  Reruns were shown  a few weeks after the first episode.  Watched them over and over again ... trying hard to shed light on such behavior. Although, I must say that I was amused and entertained as well.  Haha! It was on its 3rd rerun when  I realized that the answer was just right there all along.

Jesse James (yes, exactly that guy associated with Sandra Bullock???) said ....
Joan doesn't want to be here without Melissa.  Melissa is her support system and those two have been kinda' teamed up even though they have been on separate teams.  It's a Mother and Daughter ... You can't break that bond.

Well explained Jesse! 

Moving on to a calmer,  less nerve-wracking Mother-Daughter scene .... Whoever thinks that Mothers don't know how to let loose is again WRONG!

It was at the dawn of the 90's when I first watched Mermaids. The movie brought along a new definition to motherhood .... cool, insane, single, flamboyant, outrageous, rebellious, provocative, yet normal and full of love.  Yes, both traditional and "out of this world" rolled into one!

On this day and age, these two clips I think best depict what Mothers are really all about.  Mothers ain't perfect.  They have their quirks too.  But one thing is for sure, Mother's love is perfectly ferocious!

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom, to your Mom .... and to all other forms of "MOMS" out there!  Hey, as long as you love, you care, you raise (even a pet) and you educate, I believe you're one great ferocious Mom.

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