Friday, May 28, 2010

See you in BACOLOD

Friends say Bacolod is all about food. Think "Pig-Out" on grilled items. 

But a few other suggestions were much enthusiastically shared by a dear friend who until this very day has not gotten my name right. He calls me either "Trish", "Trisha", or "Triccie" .... Well, he got the first 3 letters right. Bravo! But never the right name. At this point, I have gotten so used to it and therefore I just let it be. 

Here are the suggestions on his list ...
  1. Mambukal Hot Spring Resort
  2. A Fish Spa
  3. Have coffee at Bob's Cafe and enjoy the  free wifi
  4. A visit to the association of Negros producers for my bead requirements
  5. and the best suggestion of all, hang-out in MCDONALDS-Capitol Branch to observe the lifestyle and behavior of "Bacolodnons"
Way to go.  Thanks for the 5 suggestions, mls.  But I'll stick to items 1-4.  Have had too much McDonalds for the past few weeks.  And a reminder, it's been a year and a half since I retired  from lifestyle observations and market research.  In other words, stepback exercise!

Anyway, en route to SMILE CITY this weekend for new discoveries and a change of scenery.  My first time ever to visit.   All set.  Except for this travel concern.

Remember the blings that wang?  Where I go, these go.

Yes, it is all about bangles.  I love bead necklaces, but I go crazy over bangles.  I prefer them big, and should always come in two or three at a time.  No bangle is the same, yet must  blend in color and design.  

 I will stick to the risk of another loud wang rather than store the bangles in my check-in luggage.  For the meantime, a mental note to take off the bangles is what I'll do before tomorrow comes and especially right before I pass through security check. 

Otherwise, next travel will be all about this .....

Stay cool.  See you in Bacolod!


  1. glad you're going to bacolod...

    here are some of the places you want to check out:
    chicken house, calea, bascon cafe, bacolod spa, l'sea, jacopos (medit cuisine way cheaper than cyma), pepe's (great great food), bob's gelato, bar21 for the batchoy, pala-pala, aboy's, pendy's, manukan country...

    google them and be amazed..

  2. Wow! Thanks for the recos. Appreciate it :)

  3. Mambukal resort is one of the many good places to visit in Bacolod. This place is really great to spend some bonding time and exercise with friends and families with its rich natural views, fresh air and magnificent waterfalls.

  4. Thanks for the info :) Will definitely check it out on my next visit.


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