Monday, August 29, 2011

News Flash: By Beaded Story necklaces in Australia

By the way, I haven't told you about my GREAT! news yet.

These bead necklaces have arrived and are now readily available in Australia!!!

Bead cloth necklaces

Tala necklaces (glass collection)

Flora necklaces (nature-inspired)
*click on photo to enlarge
Visit Beejulz's online shop to know more. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Organized Chaos

No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading...or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance -- Confucius quotes

I tried.

After having browsed through interesting reviews on Samantha Sotto's first  novel, I culminated with an intrigue. As usual! Knowing for one that she is a fellow Pinay, and how her story has evolved before, during and after landing a book deal with Random House,  I knew I had to run towards a nearby bookstore and grab myself a copy real quick.

And I just did that three weeks ago.  But to date, I have not gone beyond this page.

Serious! That's all to it - page one.  Nothing more, not even an added single word.  Lol!

Have you ever had days when situations appear and just happen at  the same point in time?  All scream harmoniously for your name and demand for immediate attention.  Well, this is exactly how my life's story has been these days.   Organized chaos!

First, here's a Moon Cake from J. Bond's Malaysian co-worker Wee.   I totally appreciate the thoughtfulness, especially the delightful fried shrimp rolls she had given us on  previous visits. I am addicted to Malaysia/Singapore's shrimp rolls.

This is my first time to have ever been so thrilled by a Moon Cake's intricate design.  The dragon  reminds me of my upcoming Seahorse Tala necklace. 

See the similarity?
On hindsight, having Wee (and their Indian boss) around would expectedly equate to an extensive week of site visits and extended hours in the office. Ack!!!  In a nutshell, the week began with no lovelife, and(!) a solo act of comprehending, overseeing and accomplishing these tasks...

Home Improvement:  Kitchen floor re-tiling. Before the works happened, the kitchen evoked a sense of darkness, dampness, and thus, became less conducive to cooking and other kitchen works.  Making the situation worse were wild and haunting thoughts that plagued my mind day and night.  I limited my kitchen visits and contended with the ever reliable take out food.  Unlike the fascination I have with multi-colored beads, the kitchen was transformed into ALL WHITE - clean, crisp and visibly clear.  Finally, I feel happy and definitely in peace. 

Store (pharmacy) improvement: for the purpose of  Safety and Security.  Anything to do with electricals, wirings, it would be best to ask the expert. Not me. The expert ended exhausted after his long, tedious explanation.  And, I still remain lost "in translation".  So when faced with a mind-boggling challenge like this...take note of all hotline numbers, take a photo, and turnover everything to the man. In my case, J. Bond.  Good job!

Family departure (to heaven).  My family and J. Bond's side of the family recently faced sad departures.  Both services are scheduled this weekend. Death, according to Mom, is written in our life's  journey, with no exemptions, no escapes. It is part and parcel of life. I keep her words in mind, but grasping and accepting how real it is remain incomprehensible to this day.  One day, I know I will understand. 

Speaking of understanding, J. Bond thinks that the challenge of understanding re-tiling, wiring and death have doubly magnified the monster in me.  So, he brought this photo home last night and said ... "Where do you think I can buy this sticker?  I should stick one in my car.".  Oh LOL!!! 

With these, reading at this point is impossible.  Beading, on the other hand, continues to be part of my daily routine despite the added mind-boggling works this week. As the saying goes, "If there's a will, there's a way."
Another Tala necklace to be released soon

How about you?  How has your week been so far?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Blue Moons

I wrote in this blog a year ago how much I adore the song Blue Moon.  I still do.  In fact, I named one of my 2010 Flora necklaces "Blue Moon".  I beaded while I listened to the song over and over again.  In the process, I became romantically linked to both Blue Moons - the song and the necklace.  So that pretty much made it a whole 2010 of togetherness, and when 2011 arrived, I stopped.

The Philippine flick, Blue Moon, aired over Cinema One a couple of hours ago. My nth time to have seen it, and like what happened in previous rounds, I ended in heavy tears.  Oh yes! It never fails.

Here's a glimpse of a few scenes from the movie I am talking about, with Orange and Lemons singing their version of Blue Moon.

And when I thought there would be no Blue Moons anymore this year, here's what happened next...
A design of 2010, but the movie and song got me  so inspired. Ergo, two Blue Moon necklaces are now readily available.
An arrangement that may either be worn long or in loops.

Blue Moon continues to play...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sneak Peek: TALA 2011

What I have finished so far.

I'm slower than usual because of the hand I briefly talked about HERE.  No choice but to design and arrange only ONE per day.  The knotting has caused some sleepless nights.

Slowly but surely.  A sneak peek...

By Beaded Story's TALA 2011 Collection coming soon! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Titter Totter bags

Titter Totter is what I call my two new bags.  By this time, you must have figured out this crazy  love I have for bags. In fact, bags came first before beads came to life.  But not the expensive, luxury type of bags.  More like ...1)   bags that form in my mind.  Like the one I talked about in this blog ...and 2) bags big enough to fit and carry practically everything in my closet. No kidding!

Why Titter Totter?  Visually, the bags seem ready to tear apart at the least touch.  But NOT.  I adore them for the reason that both bags are positioned as eco-friendly.

First, a bag made from scrap materials and made with love by an Aunt.  She was responsible for designing and sewing my beautiful wedding gown, and she took care of putting together white flowers for Uncle Bob last year. Currently, she is busy with bags (and very busy with flamenco dresses).

The same bag, but sporting a bigger look.

A lovely button that serve as accent and lock at the same time.

How it looks inside.  Gold shimmery material used as lining, same material used for my bead pouches. 

If you wish to see this bag in person, a few will be sold in this year's Christmas Bazaars.  The invites have begun.  But I have decided to only participate in two bazaars.   I will definitely let you know the final details soon.

Then, the tarpaulin-made AC (Assumption College)-ECO Bag .

I wanted one  and rode on with Karla's order despite the presence of a looming denial on how time zooms fast. Really fast!  In a couple of years, my batch is celebrating our Velada - the 25th year anniversary of our high school graduation. Everyone is looking forward to this grand celebration and the AC-ECO Bag marks the start.

A good carry-all bag for my Pharmacy files which I lug everywhere. Even at the bank while working on payroll matters yesterday.

Beaded bracelet converted into a bag charm not included.  But a good way to give more flavor to a bag.

Calling all AC girls, should you be interested, please feel free to visit and order from this site.

Friday, August 12, 2011

More FLORA necklaces

Since this blog, 12 designs have been sold (think sold out).  And so, here are more handpainted Flora necklaces...

Visit By Beaded Story's multiply site to see 14 new designs.  Click HERE.  For queries, you may send your email to

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Bead Cloth Necklaces

Pinky's suggestion to mix-up colors turned out perfect.  I'm not ready to let go and sell just yet.  Lol!  But yes, these new Bead Cloth necklaces are now readily up for grabs and will soon be available at the Country Store of Sonya's Garden.  Visit By Beaded Story's facebook page to view all bead cloth designs :)

Red with silver beads

Turquoise with silver beads

Black with gold beads

Hot Pink with silver beads

For queries, email us at

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Do I smell peace?

And just like that, the Pharmacy team is back. On  the right track.  After our happy out-of-town, no work just play affair, we still had a couple of aftershocks to face.

Let me NOT enumerate what started in March.  My heart still runs wild each time I think about it.  But all is better now.  All I now see and focus on are our busy months ahead, which had actually began over the weekend.

4am opening for our quarterly Operation Health Alert.  Our early birds.

The team in action, in darkness.

J. Bond, the umbrella boy.  One of our many ways to provide "superior" customer service to patients :) 

Then, visited Dad early this afternoon.  Finally, a bit of silence. 

I'm slowly moving towards my usual programming, beading included.  Keeping fingers crossed.
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