Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The HUNT for an Ifugao Bag

While J. Bond shopped for  Baguio goodies ...

...I continued on for the 3rd time with my "never say die" hunt for that imaginary Ifugao bag.  The idea sort of popped moments right before this year's first Baguio trip happened. 

I knew what I wanted. 

This exact textile modeled by Mother and the rest of the tribe. *haha. 
Photo credit Mother.

This style and shape.

And so far, the bag in my mind remains elusive to this day. Definitely a challenge. Unless, I opt to take a much easy route of   sewing my own bag.  Then sell.  But not just yet.  I am still enjoying the hunt.  Sling bags by the way do exist and are sold practically in every corner of Baguio.

Prior to beads, I have long been a sucker of cloth bags.  Light to carry, and yet can fit a heavy load (like folders, files and books, on top of my personal paraphernalia).  Most days, I bring along two gigantic bags containing what J. Bond says, "the whole cabinet".  So, a light to carry and expandable cloth bag best suits my daily overloaded habit.

In my search, this stall I bumped into at Baguio's local market has somehow helped divert my  intense attention away from the Ifugao bag. For now.

They produce and sell this...

May be used as a "basket", but  "not" a basket ...

These are BAGS! Previous two photos  show how these bags are stored.  On my end, I use them  as storage for my bead necklaces when not used as a bag.  I adore stuff that are multi-functional in nature.   Bag by day, storage by night.  Both of these are tucked in my shelf right this moment.  The blue on the right was first used as a bag over the weekend when I took that courageous move of wearing my parasitic twin earrings.

A variety of bags to choose from displayed all around.

 Lovely pouches with bead accent.

Looks bulky and heavy.  But not.  Definitely light to carry and can accommodate my overloaded stuff.

A style I imagine using while on the beach. And, in a skimpy bikini. *haha! Good thing I prefer the mountains. 

I think less of my imaginary Ifugao bag lately, but I now think MORE of the bags I discovered instead.  In case you are in Baguio and would like to check on the bags yourself, you may visit the stall at 1157 Carnation Alley, Maharlika Livelihood Complex, Baguio City. No store name by the way. 

Or, visit the nearest SM Kultura branch.  They supply SM a load of these bags.

But heading straight to its source makes shopping more fun and exciting.  Even if it would entail another 5 hour road trip to Baguio on June 9 =)

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