Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sights along the way

Remember when I blogged a few days back about the plan to deliver new bead necklaces to Sonya's Garden?  Well, I'm finally over and done with this long pending task.  Truth is, the necklaces have long been ready, waiting to be delivered since March.  But with the many interruptions and side trips that came along, I sort of forgot.  *Haha. 

Anyway, and just another bit of  persistent reminder, By Beaded Story's 2011 bead necklaces (Lace Bead Cloth, Dainty Lace Chalk and Flora Chunky Beads) are now available at the Country Store of Sonya's Garden. 

Bead necklaces aside, here are a few interesting sights along the way.

To jumpstart the whole day Southern journey, Mcdo coffee!

First stop, the Pharmacy to check-out the final art entries of our Children's Summer Drawing Contest. 

Voting of the top 3 entries has begun.  Here's a close-up of my top 3.

A side trip to Kawit, Cavite before Sonya's Garden. 
Emilio Aguinaldo's Shrine. 

Dropped by Kawit to visit a 3rd option for the Pharmacy's team building, Water Camp Resort.  Apparently, no one from the team would dare swim in Liliw's cold water springs nor soak in the deep waters of  Lake Pandin. Same goes for me.

Snack along the way.  Lives to its taste, SWEET corn. 

Me right after the delivery and inventory of bead necklaces in Sonya's Garden. Browsed around a quaint specialty stall  found underneath a lush of bougainvilleas. 

Lovely dinnerware I would love to bring home.  

 The woven slipper that promotes longevity of life.

Sonya's Garden's packed and ready-to-eat salad, with rose petals.

Tis' the season of Mangoes. 

After Sonya's Garden, off we went to Batulao.

Where J. Bond's next bike race will take place. Yes, he is back in action. Wounds from this accident healed and forgotten.

Must be a goat's way of courtship.  First, the head. 

Then, behind. *Haha. 

And, lounging and texting along the hi-way. 

How about you?  Any interesting sights discovered over the weekend?

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