Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter of years ago. Me in my favorite egg spot, while my brother claimed the other end of the garden as his.  

Egg hunt was our home's annual tradition to celebrate Easter Sunday.  Our Mom's go-signal to begin the hunt absolutely gave each of us an adrenaline boost to hunt as many eggs as we could.  The more, the best!  Some eggs were hidden in giveaway places, yet some lay on a tree branch, and a few others camouflaged by stones and rocks.   We had a blast, most especially with the yummy candies inside the eggs.   Kraft's chewy caramel was the best!

Yesterday, the Pharmacy's kid registrants hunted for Easter eggs but  with a "supposed  twist".  Twists make it more exciting.  6-12 year old kids were to hunt and pick Easter eggs  in a span of 2 minutes. In BLINDFOLD, but paired with a 3-5 year old kid whose function is to give directions and be a patient guide.
My blindfold purpose:  to enhance communication skills and the art of listening

But, missing in this link were  eagerness and an exploding sense of excitement.  Thus, we resulted with a  shouting, running, climbing and digging 2-minute egg hunt-RIOT. No gasps in between. Young guides pushing and pulling their paired hunter.  While their mothers successfully paved their own way in acting out a  hunter as well. *Haha. 

Yet, look how organized and well-behaved they were at the start.
Too good to be true. *Haha.

On top of the Egg Hunt, we extended our fun riot with an Easter Egg Relay and the popular Hep Hooray game.

All 37 kids went home high, happy, and with a lootbag filled with pharmacy goodies.  Children's vitamins, School supplies, Generikard and a birdThey promised to return on May 7 for our drawing contest in which artworks of the top 3 winners will be displayed in the Pharmacy.

How about you?  How was your Easter Sunday?  Anyway, here's wishing you a HAPPY EASTER.  Time to refresh and start new.  Cheers!

Note:  Generika Bahayang Pag-asa's Easter Sunday festivities is the official launch of GENERIKID 2011.  Generikid aims to promote healthy and active lifestyle of kids ages 3-12 years old.

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