Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Out and About since Wednesday

Funny that my NY-based BFF, Pinky,  posts a congratulatory  note on Facebook for my new choice of quick getaway instead of the usual Tagaytay. *Haha.  I say funny because what she doesn't know was I was exactly where she expects me to be the day after I returned from Baguio....

...Saturday lunch with the fam at Bawais ... in TAGAYTAY!
Dark photo, but proof.

Tagaytay obviously remains on the top spot of my list.  And in a couple of days, I'll be hanging around my usual spot once again.  This time beads related. 

Come to think of it, I have been out and about since Wednesday last week.  On top of Baguio and Tagaytay, I've been running all around...

The Pharmacy's participation in Molino 2's basketball league parade on Sunday, at 6:00AM! So, I was practically on the phone most of the day planning out my little entourage while at Baguio.

Then, ran off to Baby Gia's christening in the afternoon.  For the very first time, I volunteered to be a fairy Godmother.  Must be her chubby cheeks!  Just like her Kuyas' cheeks =)

Immersed myself in a cemetery near the Pharmacy on Monday morning.   I was surprised to see lots of early morning exercisers stretching, brisk walking and jogging around the cemetery.  A few even played Volleyball and Badminton.  There are no decent parks nearby, so  this cemetery stands in as a good alternative despite the presence of the "dead". *Haha.  I was there by the way only to observe and plan for the Pharmacy's next activity promoting good health.

And with that, we kicked off our early morning exercise on Tuesday morning with the Senior Citizens of Molino 5...

...followed by a free medical check-up.

That's it (as of this post).  Catching my breath now :)

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