Sunday, April 10, 2011

Name the 15 Philippine Presidents

I would have failed without a doubt if I were asked on-the-spot the names of the Presidents of the Philippines, from 1st to current, a day prior the loooooooong! wait at LTO Binan.  

Though I acknowledge LTO's efforts to speed up the process via online and text-based innovations...
I still prefer a face off.
--Straightforward but  yet complicated. 
--Less slow but still slow. Hiring "fixers" may be an option.  But I fear them.  I'd rather have all records and documents safe and sound.
--And, lesser discouragement even with "fees" in every step, including a sales pitch of buying their brown envelope from Window C-ashier. 

The motto: Be meek. Be humble. Then, the one week process of securing a copy of your car's records may be slashed to roughly SIX days. 
J. Bond did all the work, while I hanged around and tried with all my might to be his patient companion.  Good thing this poster kept me patient sane busy,which has then made me realize of my need for a major review on Philippine History. 
Click the photo to enlarge.  But for your use and reference, here they are...The Presidents of the Philippines...from 1st to current. 
1.  Emilio Aguinaldo
2.  Manuel L. Quezon
3.  Jose P. Laurel
4.  Sergio Osmena
5.  Manuel Roxas
6.  Elpidio Quirino
7.  Ramon Magsaysay
8.  Carlos P. Garcia
9.  Diosdado Macapagal
10.  Ferdinand Marcos
11.  Corazon Aquino
12.  Fidel V. Ramos
13.  Joseph Estrada
14.  Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
15.  Benigno Aquino III

Before the wait at LTO, I only knew of numbers 10-15. Not anymore.  I have memorized the names by heart ... and, in order too. 

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    thanks for sharing your story .. saw this link when doing research about the official and unofficial Presidents of the Republic of the Philippines .. then i got interested with your photos and your blog list ..
    God bless and more power ! :)
    -jam , malaybalay bukidnon


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