Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dumbstruck by Nestle's TV ad

I love listening to love stories of family and friends rather than watching fictional characters make love happen. A practice influenced by my first boss who started off weekly staff meetings with an update on matters of the heart. 

I carried on this practice and continue to embrace the thrill, especially during meetings with the Pharmacy staff.  There are times when I drown in tears and end with a reflective mood.   Both heartwarming and heartbreaking love stories affect me the same way. 

When I first came across Nestle's TV commercial, I was left dumbstruck. What came to mind was that drizzling afternoon ten years ago when right just then I knew.  Five years after, J. Bond and I vowed, said I DO, and began living our dream.  Together.

Now on our 5th year, we continue to thrive  on spending our days in the most meaningful way as a couple and as an individual.  I'd like to think that nothing drastic has changed since that fateful afternoon.  Though we have stumbled upon quirks and shortcomings, these are what I tell J. Bond I call "spice".  At times we need a kick, and only spice can make such thing happen. Besides, bland equates to boredom. And, the happy and good moments are what truly matter most.

At this point, it still is hazy as to where our journey will lead despite the presence of a plan. But I am comforted by the fact that I have been blessed with a "double O 7" who folds at my quirks and yet lifts me up at my worst.  A huge chunk of gratitude I owe to my dear friends, B=RAVE Dude Friend and NY-based Pinky, who held me captive on the eve of my wedding. Because of them, I have come to realize that there is no other way of living life than the way life is lived now.

from left to right: J. Bond's bro and wife, B=RAVE DUDE friend and Pinky, US

By the way, I find Kitchie Nadal's version of Apo Hiking's song, Pag-ibig, spicier :)

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