Monday, September 26, 2011

TALA on SCARF necklaces

At a mini-park in front of Mom's office in New York.
The day and spot where I first wore a mock-up of By Beaded Story's Tala on Scarf necklace.

I was apprehensive of this arrangement in the beginning.  A scarf around the neck definitely ain't comfortable in a whole year round humid Philippine climate. But with a bit of tweak on the design to address  climate concerns, I did a hush-hush release of a few pieces to my clients from Sonya's Garden and Alabang Hills Village Christmas Bazaar 4th quarter last year.  I was floored by the response.  All pieces sold. 

Then, I was floored even more when these pieces earned heartwarming feedback from Australian clients weeks ago. 

So this time, I go all out.

Here you go. By Beaded Story's 2nd wave of TALA on SCARF necklaces.



More TALA on SCARF necklaces

Wear a TALA on SCARF this way.

MORE coming soon.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hidden Places, Mountain, Beach, Seahorse

I adore quaint and tucked away places.
Ugu Bigyan

The cool breeze from mountain tops makes me feel I'm in heaven.  My source of  high, yet in a relaxing kind of way.

But beaches, I go only because of friends, co-workers, and the pharmacy staff.  Definitely not a top of mind. The sun and I have not really been the best of friends.  Plus the sand that sticks in between  toes after a swim make me oh-so-crazy. I look this way when at the beach.

Beach scenes, I appreciate though.
La Luz

And things symbolizing the colorful life within the deep blue sea are surely appreciated.

But, that's just how far my appreciation goes!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A simply arranged neck piece that rests just right above the cleavage, highlighting a lovely glass pendant.

Tala B1

Tala B2

Tala B3

Tala B4
For queries, please send your email to

Floor Manager

J. Bond says I have gone overboard with my "dog" shopping!

My favorite loot is the portable pet bed. I can easily carry this along  like a bag, anywhere and wherever I go.  Soft, fluffy, easy to wash. And, with pockets to carry a few dog stuff too.

Only if Bugsy sees his bed the same way I do.

First night... 

Succeeding nights in his favorite spot--the floor in between his bed and my bead mat, barricaded by bags and boxes containing bead works. See him?  Lol!

Oh Boy!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Long neck pieces composed of glass beads, with a little mix of wood beads.  For queries or interested buyers, please send your email to and a reply on all necessary details shall be sent to you soonest. 

*A friendly reminder:  Pieces from this collection come in very limited quantities (1-3 pieces only) to emphasize our value for uniqueness.

Tala A1

Tala A2

Tala A3

Tala A4

Tala A5

Tala A6.
I have favorites, and this is one.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finally BUGSY come true

FACT: I fear dogs.  Period.
But Bugsy, I love!
Bugsy is Ms. Rowena's shih tzu. 
Ms. Rowena is the brains and heart behind the ever so jampacked Rowena's Tarts in Tagaytay.
Me with Bugsy at Rowena's Tarts, 2004(?). 

When I first met and cuddled Bugsy  in 2004, I desired for my own Bugsy too--a hopeless case of love at first sight. Close friends knew how strongly I wanted one, but never had guts to pursue due to "responsibilities" and "sacrifices" attached to caring for a dog. My family will surely agree.

But this afternoon, I took the plunge after a whole morning of  bead shopping in Quiapo


Meet my very own Bugsy.  Yes, the same exact name.

 While being groomed.

 On my lap with a wagging tail.  Happy dog!

My beads are yet in-waiting for some serious counting.  But Bugsy comes first today!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Found this while  cleaning cabinets and drawers over the weekend.  Hilarious!

I was 9 years old. 

I am amazed on how descriptive, precise and detailed I was (and kikay too!) even back then. Probably, the end result of simply being overly crazy with Sanrio's Little Twin Stars and Hello Kitty. Nothing has changed.  To this day, I feel the same.  Lol!
Taipei 2009.  If only I could bring Hello Kitty Home!
Still in Taipei.  Imagining Hello Kitty's reflection on the window panel as the moon. 

When I thought that Sanrio characters were a big hit specific to my generation, well...I thought wrong.  Hello Kitty still breathes, plays and celebrates happy and joyful birthdays!
Last Saturday (9/3/11).  Happy 1st Birthday, RAIN!

More power and a long long long life to you, Hello Kitty!

Friday, September 2, 2011

4-day Long Weekend

Not By Beaded Story's work.  Credit goes to
 I borrowed the photo for its Christmas concept. 
Just in a blink, the "ber" months have arrived.  How time zooms fast! And there is no such thing as waiting any longer, I have officially begun my shopping spree for the holidays.  True!  My mode is to start real early when malls are still F-R-E-E from that stressful rush.  Besides,  I'm off to a busy Christmas with the "B-s" of my life -- beads and bazaars. So, the thrilling task of shopping must be out of my way by the time the rush picks up.

With that, J. Bond says I have transformed myself into a horrible recluse beading monster once again.  My social life heavily revolves around beads and my neverending telenovelas.  Of course, there is still the Pharmacy which I oversee less these days.  I'm in peace and very grateful of my team now.  The storm we went through months ago is over and done.  Though I now bead with extra care and with an elbow brace, there is no denying of the triple time production I am currently going through.  I am excited with the many opportunities my bead creations have recently faced despite my seasonal bead mood swings -- overseas recognition, online orders, multiple bazaar invites, and new consignment opportunities aside from Sonya's Garden.

I included Sonya's Garden in my to do list over the four-day long weekend.  It has been more than two months since my last visit, and there is already an urgent need to deliver new stocks. Since other important matters popped out of the blue, everything else, including Sonya's Garden, took a backseat.

First, J. Bond craved for Arabic food after his long nap looking like this. Lol!

While J. Bond napped, I hoped for a good photo of myself and my Blue Moon flora necklace.  Difficult!

I asked J. Bond's help to take that good shot, but he deliberately continued on with his pretense of being in deep slumber despite my multiple nudges.  Yet, a totally different scenario happened when I said, "LET'S GO!!!".  I found myself here Arabic restaurant found along El Grande Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque named Mahran Snack Inn and Restaurant.  My first time, and I am now totally hooked on Arabic food.

Then, I panicked after having eaten too much.  I belly danced with the twins.  My latest exercise video craze.

 Next stop, Church of Antipolo for Lola's (grandmother) mass service.

The Church  of Antipolo seemingly looks smaller than it used to be.  Maybe that? Or perhaps, I grew, became older, thus resulting to a shrunken visual perspective.  But it felt good to be back here.  A flashback of my childhood Christmases in Antipolo.

My long weekend's highlight, a 101 introduction to the world of Angry Birds by my 3-year old nephew and my 1-year old niece. 

The toddlers were excellent in playing Angry Birds.    They knew by heart, even with eyes closed, the ins and outs of playing the game, and much more operating the computer.  Marvelous!  And this has left me with a reflective mood with regards to my side of the computer spectrum. I still refuse communicating with Mother via skype.  I'm not cut for it, not to mention how clueless I was on simply how to operate.  But my nephew and niece just knew their way around.   Oh DUH! 

At the end of the day, I still prefer the ole reliable telephone. 

How about you? What did you do on your four-day long weekend?

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