Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finally BUGSY come true

FACT: I fear dogs.  Period.
But Bugsy, I love!
Bugsy is Ms. Rowena's shih tzu. 
Ms. Rowena is the brains and heart behind the ever so jampacked Rowena's Tarts in Tagaytay.
Me with Bugsy at Rowena's Tarts, 2004(?). 

When I first met and cuddled Bugsy  in 2004, I desired for my own Bugsy too--a hopeless case of love at first sight. Close friends knew how strongly I wanted one, but never had guts to pursue due to "responsibilities" and "sacrifices" attached to caring for a dog. My family will surely agree.

But this afternoon, I took the plunge after a whole morning of  bead shopping in Quiapo


Meet my very own Bugsy.  Yes, the same exact name.

 While being groomed.

 On my lap with a wagging tail.  Happy dog!

My beads are yet in-waiting for some serious counting.  But Bugsy comes first today!

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