Monday, September 26, 2011

TALA on SCARF necklaces

At a mini-park in front of Mom's office in New York.
The day and spot where I first wore a mock-up of By Beaded Story's Tala on Scarf necklace.

I was apprehensive of this arrangement in the beginning.  A scarf around the neck definitely ain't comfortable in a whole year round humid Philippine climate. But with a bit of tweak on the design to address  climate concerns, I did a hush-hush release of a few pieces to my clients from Sonya's Garden and Alabang Hills Village Christmas Bazaar 4th quarter last year.  I was floored by the response.  All pieces sold. 

Then, I was floored even more when these pieces earned heartwarming feedback from Australian clients weeks ago. 

So this time, I go all out.

Here you go. By Beaded Story's 2nd wave of TALA on SCARF necklaces.



More TALA on SCARF necklaces

Wear a TALA on SCARF this way.

MORE coming soon.

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