Monday, March 25, 2013

Inspired by Tangled

I am in love with the  floating lantern scene from Tangled.    Right this moment, my thoughts are way ahead of present time.  Thinking of Christmas and dreaming of floating lanterns around my home for the holidays. That would surely be awesome!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rosary Bracelets

Over Christmas, I came out with Rosary Bracelets which unfortunately were never posted online until today. Tamara, a friend since college, was my main reason. She was fortunate to have consistently taken the first crack even before the actual selling happened. Whatever displayed and sold during the bazaars were actually the last few unsold pieces. And though limited in quantity, the beads used are my excess pieces which I then use for either Bracelets, Napkin ring holders, or Key/Bag Charms. In this case, Rosary Bracelets.

The bracelets are pre-fabricated and definitely not as simple as they look. With my style, I rarely keep things simple.
With 2 medals and a mix of charms, I love the frou frou. This piece is mine by the way. But
should you wish to order, here's how it goes.
STEP 1: Choose the color of your bracelet. Reminder, the quantity of posted bracelets depend on availability of excess beads. A few of the above have only ONE available piece on stock.
STEP 2: Choose two (2) medals and identify them according to number indicated on the photo. On the charms, I will take care of this :)
STEP 3: And lastly, post your order via private message in facebook or you may send an email to

Cheers! Hope to hear from you soon!




Sunday, March 3, 2013

In Full Bloom

Flowers brighten my day.  But what fascinates me more are the splash of  varied colors when flowers are in full bloom. And is it just me?  I see colors that blend so well despite mismatched hues and tones (example:  pink side-by-side with orange). On my end, I love it and refer to this floral color barrage as my guiding color palette when working with beads. 

A weekend ago was my first  to have ever watched and be amazed by Baguio's yearly Panagbenga Festival.   Flowers were everywhere.  My mother and Dad2, who are both in town, enjoyed the festival as well.  J. Bond drooled over one floral float as seen in the photo below.  To this day, I still think of everything that I have seen. Pure inspiration!  Here are some photos I keep looking at since my return.  Warning:  this post is picture heavy.
A pot of colorful flowers by the entrance of South Drive Manor.  This was where Cafe Red Orange was located.  They have now named their quaint restaurant as Secret Garden.
Since Baguio was in bloom, colorful butterflies fluttered everywhere.

 These flowers truly make my day.  They look so happy. 

Striking wild orange flower.
J. Bond with Dad 2 against a wall of pink and red flowers.  The story behind the  "engagement".  Lol!
Then the festival.  Baguio hustled and bustled so early on the day of the Grand Float Parade.  From where we stayed, sounds of drums may be heard loud and clear at 4:00am.
 The whole stretch of Session Road was closed to vehicles.  Everyone walked.
Dole Juice's float.
 Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut).

J. Bond said "WOW!" upon first sight. Read:  BEER.
The float that made J. Bond drool.  Again, it's not about the flowers.
Close-up of J. Bond's favorite float.
Flower garden float.
 I had to have my photo taken.
Then, I thought I should have posed this way.  Lol!
 Yellow flowers cheer me up.

 The "BIRD" float.

How I remember Baguio as a child.  Tribal and serene.
More soon....
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