Saturday, February 26, 2011

My folks' tropical refuge

Feels like I'm flying back to New York with Mother and Dad2.   But not.  On their last few days here in Manila, I've been preoccupied as well with a long to do list that includes bonding, shopping (*haha), lunch/dinner dates (*haha), and this ...
Welcome to my folks' tropical refuge in Manila.  Winter ain't no longer fun as it used to be, especially after the recent snow storm.  So, the plan is to get away and bask in the Manila sun  during winter in New York.  Hopefully, they'll get by and survive Manila's scorching and skin-piercing summer months. Not fun! But I guess they'd rather have heat than cold.  I'd go for the other way around.
In the meantime, I am left with the task to oversee the evolution of their nest from empty to filled-up.  Deliveries of furniture and appliances are in progress, but the challenge here lies on interior design.  Not my cup of tea.  Unless beads are involved :)

Any design suggestions for a small space?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to cope with cell phone withdrawal

J. Bond, watch this! Aimed at teens, but this applies to YES! YES! YOU! and all cell phone addicts out there.  Hope this helps. For your safety. My safety. And, everyone else's safety.


Don't let yourself get STUPID (S-cary T-exting U-nacceptable P-honing I-nterfering with D-riving)! Stay safe!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy Bee

Remember these scarves?

Mac chose to CUT and had them turn into bead cloth necklaces.

Done with two scarves and delivered EIGHT necklaces to Mac yesterday.  Three scarves to go. I'm really going so slow.  But I'm getting there. Even if  time these days is consumed with bonding moments with Mother...

Shopping for fruits in Tagaytay

 ... and Saturday-Monday medical missions for the Pharmacy.
This morning at Molino 2 Health Center with Jollibee.  He has no idea what I call him
*behind his back. Now he does. Hahaha!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 Inspiration...Pinky's floral arrangement

I honestly thought  that my long overdue bead design for 2011 would be stirred up by my visit to the casino a week ago, same as what happened in 2009.  Nothing happened. 
Rather, it was Pinky's valentine floral arrangement for Mother that helped break the laziness and lull. 
The flowers were delivered to Mother two days after Valentines Day, supposedly as a surprise.  Having lived in Baguio for years, Mother chose to spend valentines by visiting her childhood homeland.  So, the harvest of roses and delivery schedule depended on Mother's return. Thanks to Dad2's  involvement, the plan was easier to manage even if we knew of Mother's ability to discover and unearth secrets sooner or later. Of course, she did find out, while Dad2 was asleep. 

The  final text message I sent to "snoring" Dad2 led Mother to hear, read and reply. Ergo, I ended surprised!
Mission accomplished. Thanks to Pinky for her beautiful arrangement and for her flexibility in working around spur-of-the-moment changes in schedule.  I would have definitely gone bonkers if I were in her shoes.  But given her love for arranging flowers,  I knew she'd be patient enough to hang in there :) For friendship's sake!
I've known Pinky for more than a decade now. We began our Ayala Malls adventure on the exact same day, with the exact same designation as Advertising and Promotions Officer.  She handled Greenbelt, while I handled Glorietta.  Later on, we switched assignments.   On our twelfth year, I left and opened new doors, while Pinky stayed on and assumed a larger responsibility.  Yet, we have constantly kept in touch, latest of which was last January's garage sale.  By the way, the next round will happen on March 20.

Despite the different paths we have now taken, I believe that we are still bound by one common knack.  That is, venting out stress on creativity and working with our hands.  Pinky on flowers, while I, on beads.
Pinky has done a lot of floral arrangements for individuals and special occasions like weddings.  And I'm sure she's exhausted from  all the orders and deliveries for Valentines.  If only the  Ikebana ladies can see her now, they'll surely be so proud of her.  Arrangement aside, I like her style of using boxes as flower holder instead of the usual vase.  Something different.  She further accentuates the arrangement with little berries(?) that add color and plants that can be transferred to pots later on. That's the sustainability in her.
After experiencing zero inspiration from the casino, I have psyched myself out on  setting  aside my bead works for the meantime and focus on relaxation instead.  Little did I know that  Pinky's floral work would inspire me and would lead me to rush home with a bunch of newly bought materials to work on last night.  I am thrilled and excited.
Finally, I have found my inspiration and have grasped the direction I will take this year. I am thinking dainty, warm colors, flowers yet simple and classic.  I am thinking bride, maid of honor, bridesmaid yet corporate.  I am thinking vintage, yet modern. I am thinking LACE... it captures all that I have thought of. And I know, it will answer your longtime query by showing what beads I use for By Beaded Story's bead cloth necklace.  Definitely not marbles.
Pardon the watermark. I have to start doing this. To folks who consistently ask, touch and study MY works  due to "copy" and "imitation" purposes, I openly share this with you.  But I am hoping that you'll be respectful and decent enough to create your works that you can  truly call your own.  May your love for beading and creating your very own rule!  Good luck!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

shopping and CLAPPING at Greenhills

Since the folks and an Aunt are in town, there's definitely splurging scheduled at the Pearl stalls of Greenhills.These stalls are an absolute attraction for tourists and locals like ME.  *Haha.
Obviously, I splurged a bit too even if I tried with all my "mighty-might" to hold back.  But the urge for pearl accessories choked me, and thus, I gave in.  Besides, pearls have never been part of my materials list. It has been beads all this time. So I shopped!

My loot -- a ring and bracelets. Hard to resist most especially the embossed Mother of Pearl bracelet on the top right.

Before the pearl spluging , we found these FUNNY finds too ....

DON'T ENGLISH ME, I'M PANIC shirts. The foks had a ball and bought one for wearing when they return to NY, while the AUNT to Australia.  Note to the folks and Aunt: Thou shall NOT wear when I'm around.  Otherwise, I don't know you, you and you??? *Haha.

How about this sensored sensory toy?  Clap! and it shows you his peek-a-boo. *Hahaha!!!  Pardon the shade.  Not for minors.  Tip: STARE LONG! You'll see.
These folks CLAPPED!!! CLAPPED!!! and CLAPPED!!!   Obviously, they had a blast-ful experience on this free "peek-a-boo" show ... most especially J. Bond and Dad2 -- the hardest CLAP (more like BANG!!!) and loudest LAUGH of all.   OMG!  I HID!  Check it out when you visit Greenhills.

By the way, I'm thinking of hanging these paper lanterns....
 .....whenever and if ever J. Bond and  I uproot ourselves and relocate here hopefully soon.  Will not divulge its location yet.  We're still dreaming at this point.

BEST OF ALL, 6-footer J. Bond carried our Greenhills shopping loot in Mother's giant banig bond. Good Job!  Note to Mother:  Can I have it?  It won't fit in your luggage anyway.

Mother will return to Greenhills again soon.  I'm joining ... and will CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!  *Hahaha!  CHEERS!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Everyone I came across today looked like as if they were high on drugs floated on air. Bitten by the Valentine bug, I thought.

En route to the Pharmacy at 6:30am, roses, teddy bears, heart shape stuffed toys, chocolates were scattered around streets and sold in shops.  Couples, I noticed, walked extra slow with  huge smiles on their face and outwardly enjoyed the scent of love even in  hi-speed, polluted thoroughfares.  Instead of bookmarks, tucked in school books were single stemmed roses meant for school flames. 

I love Valentines Day. The only day in a year that LOVE and PEACE exist everywhere.  And as I look back, I am lucky to have enjoyed the thrilling pleasures that come with Valentine's Day.

But today,  the customary celebration took a different turn. I chose to spend this day with those in need of cheer, attention and care.  Those who I believe dream to celebrate, but are deprived and would rather spend their dwindling means on necessities that would heal or prolong the life of their loved ones.

The Pharmacy did its first-ever free doctor's consultation at a local health center this morning. Only 20-30 patients were expected, but close to a 100 came and celebrated Valentine's Day with us :) 

Health tips, discount coupons, and medicines (vitamins and prescribed medications) were our Valentine's Day gifts to patients.

Students from a nearby school were accompanied by  teachers for vitamins.  These students were specifically handpicked due to lack of proper nutrition and stamina.

The consultation area where Doctor Alvin attended to quite a number of emergency cases.

We ended at 1pm, an hour beyond our expected end time of 12nn.  Hungry and tired, but with a sense of  thrill that is tremendously fulfilling. 

I hope that our little way have brought cheer and tinged hearts on this day. Even just a bit. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shout Generika FREEZE!!!

I'm into games and raffle these days. Not only with By Beaded Story, but in the Pharmacy as well.  By Beaded Story was planned long ago with three bead cloth necklaces  as bait.  The Pharmacy, on the other hand, was more like a spur-of-the-moment  thing, purely intended to keep PEACE and ORDER in the store.

These kids are the Pharmacy's lunchtime mainstays.  After school, they hit the Pharmacy with an overload of tumultuous energy.   Ergo, the Pharmacy tranforms into a momentary daycare. They run in and out.  Skate back and forth, jump up and down in the 3-meter customer area. Uses the 2-car parking lot as white canvass and leaves behind multi-colored stick figures.  Blue, pink chicks and black spiders  wander around aimlessly, obviously forgotten by their owners.    A section of our counter says LOST and FOUND for left behind notebooks, lunch boxes and many more.  Peace and order is  restored only upon the arrival of their school service. Then, we breathe again.

Oh YES, they are our Dennis the Menace times 5 from Monday to Friday.  And last Friday, the number increased to 7!!!

So to keep peace and order, the kids played SHOUT GENERIKA FREEZE!!!  My spur-of-the-moment concocted game wherein each kid had to shout a long GENERIKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA over the microphone (loud enough to be heard by competitors commuters and neighbors), then freeze into a SEATED SILENT STATUE.  *Haha. The longest "frozen silent statue" wins the bait. Think Apple Juice!

Absurd, but effective. So far.

I sure hope they can be tricked for another round tomorrow. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. and Friday too.

Friday, February 11, 2011

and the WINNERS are.....

That was fast!!! 

By Beaded story hit 50 likes in facebook just right after I posted this blog. I was so excited that the plan of doing the raffle draw the next day was immediately replaced with a NOW NA!!! *Haha.  The very first giveaway gimik of By Beaded Story in its 5-year exisitence.  So, I just couldn't wait.

First, names of By Beaded Story likers were handwritten on small pieces of scratch paper, making me realize while on my last name that I should have typed and printed instead.  Eek!!! Next time.

Then, each paper was folded and placed in a red box.

J. Bond picked the names.  So blame him if your name was not picked.  *Haha. And yes, his eyes needed to be covered.  Absolutely no peeping.

Drumroll please.  Here are the 3 lucky winners of a bead cloth necklace...
*Winners: Please refer to your personal inbox in Facebook for the claiming procedures.

That was fun! A 2nd round will definitely happen as soon as By Beaded Story reaches a hundred likes.  So LIKE or refer to someone who you think will LIKE By Beaded Story.  NOW NA!!!

Click HERE for By Beaded Story's facebook page.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


TWO MORE "LIKERS" in By Beaded Story's facebook page, then I'm giving away a bead cloth necklace (for free!) to 3 lucky likers. So click HERE and press like! like! like! :) 

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