Friday, February 11, 2011

and the WINNERS are.....

That was fast!!! 

By Beaded story hit 50 likes in facebook just right after I posted this blog. I was so excited that the plan of doing the raffle draw the next day was immediately replaced with a NOW NA!!! *Haha.  The very first giveaway gimik of By Beaded Story in its 5-year exisitence.  So, I just couldn't wait.

First, names of By Beaded Story likers were handwritten on small pieces of scratch paper, making me realize while on my last name that I should have typed and printed instead.  Eek!!! Next time.

Then, each paper was folded and placed in a red box.

J. Bond picked the names.  So blame him if your name was not picked.  *Haha. And yes, his eyes needed to be covered.  Absolutely no peeping.

Drumroll please.  Here are the 3 lucky winners of a bead cloth necklace...
*Winners: Please refer to your personal inbox in Facebook for the claiming procedures.

That was fun! A 2nd round will definitely happen as soon as By Beaded Story reaches a hundred likes.  So LIKE or refer to someone who you think will LIKE By Beaded Story.  NOW NA!!!

Click HERE for By Beaded Story's facebook page.

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