Monday, February 7, 2011

Because they were in the CASINO for 6 hours

I proved myself wrong this time.  In 2009, I managed to plan well for By Beaded Story over a cup of coffee, amidst the kaching-kachings of Mohegan Sun.  Success!!!  But Saturday night was the opposite.  Nothing happened, except for the six-hour round-about of the very cold Resorts World complex.  I froze!

And while Mother, Dad2 and J. Bond were busy recovering their initial loss here (which they recovered on the fifth hour!)...
...I opted not to take a crack at any game of luck since there was no feeling of "magic" that night.  *Haha!  Instead, I wandered around, for 6 hours.

Wish I have a real orange tree at home!!! I recently bought  a reddish colored plant.  The leaves turned into green on the third week.  Hmm??? 

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!! I thought of watching this dragon dance show, but Bench somehow lured me to visit and hang around their store.  Spent an hour browsing, fitting this and that, simultaneous to the loud drumbeat of the ongoing dragon dance.  When the show ended, the browsing with a bit of shopping ended too. I spent my gambling money on undergarments instead.  Just like magic!  *Haha.

I am fascinated with  these chairs.  But, I am thinking of having faces of family and friends printed on the back rest instead. Better yet, the seat itself (meant for foes.  Haha!). What do you think?   I was once  told by an Interior Designer that I have a fetish for Pop Art.  He was right! And, I had made a bit of declaration of this fetish here.

Then, I imagined I was in Santorini.  How I wish! Took a break at Cafe Mediterranian and fell in love with the patterns and images around the restaurant.  
Of course, By Beaded Story's last butterfly TALA pendant had its "pattern" moment too.  All other pieces have been sold during the holidays. 
 *Attention "blue" lovers, the in-demand blue butterfly which is being requested for to this day is no longer available :( As explained in By Beaded Story's multiply site, a maximum number of six pieces per design is only produced to maintain its uniqueness.

Resumed the wandering after a 45-minute break, then found my way here. 
I was lucky to have been accommodated for a picture moment with the white lion of the musical play Kaos even without having watched the show.  *Haha. But, I'm planning to watch soon.

 The picture moment with white lion then led me to a nearby booth where I was given a Resorts World Membership Card for free. Cool! They say that members are entitled to rewards and special perks.  I would still have to read the brochure that came with the card to know more.  One of these days, I will. But thanks!

 And, I capped the wandering by watching this 60s inspired musical group.  They were good.  I think. Honestly, I was too pooped by then to focus and listen. I pretty much just stared.  Into outerspace. *Haha!

 Now, your turn.  How was your weekend?

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