Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Everyone I came across today looked like as if they were high on drugs floated on air. Bitten by the Valentine bug, I thought.

En route to the Pharmacy at 6:30am, roses, teddy bears, heart shape stuffed toys, chocolates were scattered around streets and sold in shops.  Couples, I noticed, walked extra slow with  huge smiles on their face and outwardly enjoyed the scent of love even in  hi-speed, polluted thoroughfares.  Instead of bookmarks, tucked in school books were single stemmed roses meant for school flames. 

I love Valentines Day. The only day in a year that LOVE and PEACE exist everywhere.  And as I look back, I am lucky to have enjoyed the thrilling pleasures that come with Valentine's Day.

But today,  the customary celebration took a different turn. I chose to spend this day with those in need of cheer, attention and care.  Those who I believe dream to celebrate, but are deprived and would rather spend their dwindling means on necessities that would heal or prolong the life of their loved ones.

The Pharmacy did its first-ever free doctor's consultation at a local health center this morning. Only 20-30 patients were expected, but close to a 100 came and celebrated Valentine's Day with us :) 

Health tips, discount coupons, and medicines (vitamins and prescribed medications) were our Valentine's Day gifts to patients.

Students from a nearby school were accompanied by  teachers for vitamins.  These students were specifically handpicked due to lack of proper nutrition and stamina.

The consultation area where Doctor Alvin attended to quite a number of emergency cases.

We ended at 1pm, an hour beyond our expected end time of 12nn.  Hungry and tired, but with a sense of  thrill that is tremendously fulfilling. 

I hope that our little way have brought cheer and tinged hearts on this day. Even just a bit. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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