Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This day, so far, has brought about a bag of tears. 

Not only because of the ongoing anomalies in the Philippine Military.  But more so, the way Secretary Angelo Reyes ended his life.  A close friend thinks that this proves his guilt.  Maybe, he is right. 

On my end, I'd rather put a delay on the analysis and instead continue to dwell on the fact that even in the end, Secretary Reyes has instinctively ran towards his parents -- perhaps for help? for refuge? or, for a heartfelt apology?. Whatever the reason was,  no one would know.  Not even the probing committee. It was simply a moment meant only for him and his parents. 
May Secretary Reyes rest in peace.

I was glued on the news practically the whole morning and took time off by watching a rerun of Junior Master Chef Australia.  It was amazing to watch each participant cook their special dish, and thus, leaving me inspired to cook  something special one of these days.  Wish me luck! The judges were  gentle, encouraging and pretty much positive with their comments.  Yet, it absolutely gave a nervous thump on each kid, with scenes showing fingers crossed and eyes covered.  For reassurance and encouragement, the kids would often glance towards the audience area and managed an eye-to-eye contact with their respective parents who continuously mapped out the words, "I am proud of you.".   I cried.
Thank God my parents are in town. Despite the multiple MUST DOs thrown my way since the day they arrived, I am ultimately appreciating them right this moment.

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