Saturday, February 5, 2011

No choice!!!

I am wishing this very moment  to find time to celebrate my 5th wedding year with J. Bond.  But current events dictate the opposite. Besides, these events only happen once in a blue moon...both on the same day...and on our anniversary day.  Ayayay!!!

First was Mcoy and Roni-girl's wedding.  I talked about their engagement here.  And here.  Months prior to the wedding, Roni and I had a couple of coffee dates and email exchanges to discuss a few pointers on wedding details like table setting, candle design, flower arrangement and color "blending".
I took the role of wedding consultant, and that was how far I assumed my role will go.  Apparently not! I was also assigned the role of lector for the Church ceremony, which by the way was a first-ever for me in my part-time wedding career.  I had no idea when to seat and  stand.  So, I pretty much acted it out and stood most of the time.  Haha!!! My  nerves shook (especially the part when the priest skipped a whole page. ergo, i lost track.).  But I survived. Alleluia!
Unfortunately, I skipped on the reception after. My Mother demanded sweet-talked me to accompany her to another stranger relative party. I said NO at the start, but guilt eventually consumed my conscience. Therefore, I gave in and said yes after a couple of nags. My reasons were not good enough for Mother to give in. Hay naku! Mother and her power!

And so, I discovered just last night that they are my cousins. I have met three out of the whole bunch in the past, one of whom used to be a co-worker and my once-in-awhile chitchat partner while overseeing shows/events happening in Greenbelt.  Back then, she was in-charge of the marketing programs of the Ayala Cinemas :)
The older generation, with my mother in a tiptoe position behind everyone.  This, by the way, is the only best photo among the bunch I took.  The rest came out this way.
Haha.  Ang likot! This reaffirms my belief that the older you get,  cooperation, listening and standing-still dissolves.  Oh my!!!

Maybe, a March wedding anniversary celebration is the best possible time. Mother is scheduled to return to NY end of Feb.  That makes it three more weeks of social events (and shopping). Thus, I've got no other choice but to hang on and practice patience.  For now, you may check out our 2010 wedding anniversary celebration here and here.

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