Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm so lazy, Mac!

Oh no!!! Mac asked about her bead necklaces just awhile ago. So plans took a spinning 360 degree  turn from my ongoing lazy status. I just spinned by the way.  Nothing accomplished.

At first, I thought of saying that Mother and Dad2 are arriving from NY tomorrow...  I'm so excited with the goodies ... parties plus side trips are lined up every single day...and our bodies are long overdue for a massage at Sonyas Garden (this  comes first before everything else.  hehe.)
After the massage at Sonya's Garden in 2009.

The materials were handed over 1st week of January.  Maybe not. 

Or, my 2-month long adopted Roni-girl (ex-work related but remains to be my little girl) is  tying the knot on the same day J. Bond and I are turning 5 (February 4). And, I am to fulfill a special role, causing just a bit of delay on the 5-year celebration.  No problemo.  There's definitely no missing out on Roni-girl and McCoy's special day.
Roni-girl and McCoy's engagement =)

Mac, won't buy this. 

Perhaps, my sister's wedding in Mexico will do the trick.  Yes, that sister who is already married to R, mom to RichA, and will soon subject their "two/now three-getherness" to a mega-binding contract called marital bliss-ter.  Talk about love!!! The invitations are out and posted in her blog.  And here too.
R and R's wedding invites.

Really now?!  Mac, my friend, I'm sooooo damn lazy!  Obviously, social brouhahas beckon these days.  Hahaha.

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