Sunday, January 23, 2011

Garage Sale 2011

Aside from THIS being my in-law's place (with the existense of an Okra Plantation all around), this is where I also do my annual Garage Sale. I did my 1st solo act in 2008 which by the way lasted for only 1 and 1/2 hours.  I gave up due to the swarm and "violent" rummaging of FOLKS who came from I don't know where.  I assume EVERYWHERE!  It was purely a matter of word of mouth since I had no signage posted at that time.  I did well in disposing of what I thought  was junk and happily earned from it as well :)  Success!!! 

So in 2009, I did a repeat but this time with a group of friends who shared and enjoyed the "battle" with me.  All went home happy and rich-er(?).  In 2010, I took a break since there was nothing much to dispose of and only resumed this annual "decluttering" and "income-generating" activity yesterday (January 22, 2011).


There were four of us who were obsessesed with decluttering, disposing and EARNING, so plans for this garage sale were made a few weeks in advance.  We were set with a January 22 date with start time at 9am.  Apparently not.  As soon as the signage was posted at 8am, the doorbell blasted off.   To our shock, customers were lined up and impatiently waited by the driveway for first crack on the goods. 

My corner -- obviously the corner with accessories, ceramic dolls, frou-frou summer dresses, make-up and a lot more kikay stuff ...


J. Bond's corner -- think Bike parts! Thank God, the never been used bike parts are out of my sight.  I tripped, snarled and hissed because of 'em. Hahaha!

Pinky's "mostly" Baby stuff corner, and her "Cora Jacobs" bag that I wanted ....


and, Jong's AUTHENTIC fashion male brands corner! 


Jong's insight is so true.  What we think of as junk is another man's treasure.  Brands did not matter, but functionality did.  Nothing can be put to waste these days, including cartons, paper, empty bottles, plastic containers, scrap wood, etc. -- all of which were asked for yesterday.   I have all those in the pharmacy which I must dispose soon (or recycle). 

For now, I am so eager to snatch this  1903 Philippine 10-centavo coin from a customer ... hehe!

Yesterday's stint ended great.  Ergo, there will be a repeat in March!  ... with appliances and home decor this time.  Care to join? Ciao!

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