Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Turn your scarf into a BAG

If you haven't noticed yet, on  the lower right of your screen says this ...

Recycle! Why put to waste when you can turn your "vintage" blouses and dresses into pretty beaded cloth necklaces. For queries, email us at
2010 marked the year when By Beaded Story paved its way to do its share on saving Mother Earth.  Not only do we serve bead orders in recycled packaging, we have also took bead cloth necklaces a notch higher by using material from old blouses, dresses and scarves.

Last year's order made from a long forgotten dress.

Most often, clients opt to take the recycling route for two reasons:  1)  The obvious reason, to declutter and create more space, and 2) To keep the memory of yesteryears alive though this keepsake.   Dresses, even blouses, are easy to manage and convert into necklaces.  But when faced with baby clothes (especially newborn clothes), creativity and workmanship are put to a challenge.  So far the end result has been good and heartwarming.

But when it comes to a scarf, did you ever know that you may turn this into a purse/bag, a halter top and a belt too?  I usually share this tip from Today's Show with a client before I even take a look at the material.  Of course, minds change. 

Last Sunday, the tip completely slipped my mind.  The talk about Lilet's engagement overpowered the tip. So, I brought home a bunch of scarves waiting to be turned into bead cloth necklaces. 

But not just yet.
The scarves of my friend.

Here's how you can turn your square scarf into a purse/bag.  If you want a more detailed demo, you may watch it HERE.
Use at least a 36" by 36" square scarf.  I prefer it bigger :)
Dull side should be facing up.

Tie two opposite corners  into a knot.

Tie the last two opposite corners of the scarf. 
This will serve as the purse/bag's handle.

Now a purse/bag!

So Mac, a bag or a necklace?   Let me know soon.

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