Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Wishes

I often find myself jotting a mental note at the start of the year to slow down.  A resolution that has long belonged at the top of my list.  Yet, I continued allowing stress to define my days, leaving no other alternative route.  I breathed it.  I lived it.  Subjecting my being to stress was my way of getting tasks accomplished FAST.

*My anthem 2 years ago.

Then one day, I packed up, locked the door and left stress behind.  In a previous blog, I proudly hanged on to a no resolution year this 2011.  Setting myself free from commitments or resolutions, I believe,  handed me over that invigorating break I deserve. 

But, I do have wishes that were brought to life  by my days in 2010.   At this point, I cross my fingers that one day, this year, all these will come true (or never happen again). 

First,  I wish to learn how to play the piano...exactly like how my friend's husband "makes love" with his piano.  Hehe!

Second, I wish this never happens again.  Ever!
What Typhoon Basyang left behind ... an overnight stay at the ICU and a 3-day accommodation at Asian Hospital.  And that folks is what stress is all about.  

Third, I wish that my love for making Mother's Heart necklaces will continue on despite the pain I feel in my right hand and the long hours devoted for making just one.

Fourth, I wish that in some way we inspire the Pharmacy staff ...

... and I wish to provide more employment opportunities to frustrated job-seekers by opening our 2nd branch here :) 
San Nicolas, Bayanan.

Fifth, I wish that my 5th year with J. Bond will be blessed by this :) ...

... where I can park my "wish" car too...

And lastly, I wish that our stars are destined for each other :)

How about you?  What's your wish for 2011?

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