Sunday, January 16, 2011

Generikard Winners

The holiday lull is definitely over.  Except for the ongoing bug (flu/cough/colds) flying around Generika (the pharmacy), which by the way landed on me a few days ago, we have been kicking butts for triple time action on marketing activities.  So as a jumpstart for 2011, we gave away Generikards to 10 lucky customers!!!
Launched 1st quarter of 2010, the GeneriKard allows customers to earn points for purchases made from Generika stores.  Earned points may be applied to succeeding purchases, on top of the special privileges and exciting offers exclusively provided to Generikard cardholders.  To know more, click HERE.

Over the weekend,  while these in-store and external activities went on ...

Free Medical check-up

Flyering with free blood pressure at wet markets

.... we raffled off Generikards to ten lucky customers.  Here they are :)

CHEERS, winners!!!
For inquiries on the Generikard, please feel free to email us at

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