Saturday, January 1, 2011

I miss watusis

The last time I blew up a can of watusi was when fear of losing my fingers was yet inexistent.  I was obsessed with it.  In fact, I  used to collect boxes of watusi that lasted 'til the week before Valentines.  Without watusi, New Year felt incomplete. But instead of stepping on it one at a time, I would wrap bunches of them in old newspaper, place it in an old can, then light the whole thing up.  In a span of minutes, I become amazed with the minute or so dance number of what looked like a swarm of "fireflies" going crazy. 
And so after this casual laugh trip intimate New Year's dinner at my Aunt's place last night, I suddenly craved for the firecracker thrill that has been long forgotten.  Unlike previous years, I inititated the firecracker shopping this time. J. Bond was surprised on the sudden change of heart.  He practically knew me as contra-firecrackers for fear of wounds, burns, cuts or loss of body parts.  But having survived my wake-up call mid-2010, I thought that I had a great reason  to celebrate the New Year in a BLAST!!! 
Of course, the only firecracker I asked for were watusis.  Unfortunately, I was told that watusis were no longer available in the market due to tons of accidents it had caused over the years.  So, the coming of 2011 was celebrated with sparklers instead...
...and a box of golden dragons in the sky that blew 16 shots of this ... 
Doesn't it look like an asterisk (*)? 

                                               Happy New Year!!! 

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