Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finally, water is back!

I'm still annoyed.  Even if water is back.  

Unlike previous years, the village association  somehow forgot to notify homeowners on today's scheduled cleaning of water tanks and pipes. Darn! I was consumed about it the whole day, thus leading me to accomplish nothing. 

Anyway, I feel a bit relieved now.  Otherwise, I would have joined these kids splashing around puked dirty water from a nearby pipe.

Soap suds floated around. I assume the kids had shampoo and soap with them.  Lol!

The simple pleasures of childhood. 

They must have thought, waterfalls!

Another waterfall JUMP! 

Despite the stern warnings of their mothers, I secretly wished that they stayed on.  Really! Their  splashing and laughing around made me momentarily forget my  concern for the day.  

And now that water is back, I am dreaming of being a child again! .....because I would think of dirty water as waterfalls too, and definitely I would have splashed and laughed with them as well.

By the way, these kids were my daily Christmas Carollers the WHOOOOOLE month of December. 

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