Thursday, March 29, 2012

By Beaded Story Showroom teaser

Recently, I listed and shared online a few wishes I have for this year. In case you have missed on this wish post, you may visit and read it here.   Like what I said, one of my wishes is to build my own little showroom that displays all my bead works (necklaces, scarves, bracelets, earrings), plus a few specialty stuff geared towards home. But more than that, I wish for a showroom that will keep my works safe and secured.

Last year was a blast with my bead works,  especially the Mother's Heart collection.  Yet, I could not ignore the fact that I've had my share of damages as well. On each time an unintended damage happened, a piece of me crushes since I put more than a 100% heart on each and every piece that I make. Aside from By Beaded Story's presence in Sonya's Garden and a few bazaars within the south, destinations like restaurants, public lounges, coffee shops and the like have been my place of meet ups.  It is in these places where I showcase my works, and where most damages (especially glass arrangements (TALA collection)) happen.  With that, I began to dream and slowly planned my showroom.

The interior is still a work in progress, but repainting is finally done. 

And as mentioned, specialty stuff geared towards home may be found in my showroom as well.  Such as this handpainted plate.

Once completed, I will surely share all details with you.  In the meantime, I patiently wait with an overload of excitement.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm sure MOTHER misses this

Mushroom rice.  But I had mine with shrimp salpicao.

And this fruit stand that sold sweet and huge Sagada Oranges.

These next three made me stop, look, (and buy).

Cloth purses by Yadu 621.

J. Bond was more fascinated than I was.  I guess he was brainwashed by frequently seeing Yadu 621 bags and purses for sale at the airport terminal.

This multi-functional fabric:  scarf-shawl-belt in one.

Drum beats by the tribal nook.  Really festive!

Swarmed by tourists who had multiple photos taken.

Of course, I had my photo taken too.  Couldn't resist.

I was at the Legazpi Sunday Market yesterday, and I'm sure Mother misses this.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My SATURDAY so far

I ain't suprised with the ongoing heavy rains right this moment.  Climate change remember.  But a breath of cool air is definitely a treat.  This morning was rather the opposite.  Horrible summer heat.  But I'm glad good weather was on our side while J. Bond and I did a quick trip to Tagaytay. 

New bead necklaces have been delivered to Sonya's Garden.  Here's J. Bond with the goods.

This year's Flora 3-pendant necklaces are currently available  only at  Sonya's Garden.  Though I have recently shared a photo of the flora collection, it may not be ordered online (yet) given the availability of each design. I have made  ONE black flora and ONE brown flora. The design involved too much knotting, which had expectedly resulted to a painful hand and arm. 
Click HERE to view a clearer photo of these Flora necklaces.

The same story goes for my stone clustered design.  Available only at Sonya's Garden and the knotting had resulted to limited availability.  One piece for each color:  Turquoise, Red, Green, Black and Brown.

The necklaces were delivered close to lunch, at a time when the store is conducive to inventory and displaying. I love having the store all to myself while the rest have their lunch at the dining area of Sonya's Garden. It gives me peaceful time to immerse then depart with my handmade necklaces (I seriously get attached to my work, especially my favorites), and of course browse around other crafts as well.  The stone necklace I wore while I did my Tagaytay rounds today speaks of attachment.  Never been posted nor displayed, though this was not the original intention.  I have learned from past experiences.  My favorites are usually the first to be sold.  So I play safe this time. 

Work at Sonya's Garden ended at two, and J. Bond requested for lunch at Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen.  We both adore Vietnamese cuisine, so off we went.

We arrived way past lunch.  Bawai's was ours to claim. 

My two favorite colors (Red and Yellow) hung from a vine at Bawai's garden.

Here's a closer look.

The view from our table.  To Bawai and her daughter (a friend), please send my thanks to your staff  for accomodating my late notice.  They were superb!

When it comes to sharing meals, J. Bonds consumes 3/4 while the remaining 1/4 is for my consumption.  But with fresh spring rolls, rules change. 50-50.

My forever order, Bun Bo Xiao (beef on noodles).

And when I thought we were homeward bound, my shopping radar came to life.  This quaint banig stall located near Ming's Garden resulted to quite a long stopover.  Guess what I bought? 
*A note to Ka - Look into this. I can share relevant info with you. A good option for the "market".

 How about you?  How is your Saturday so far?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Amusement at NAIA's waiting area

Bashing concerns and harsh points were recently raised with regards to the current state of Manila's International Airport, specifically NAIA Terminal 1.  Disappointing and stomach turning, but I agree and believe that all are TRUE.  No need to dwell further, a lot has been said.  You can read the details HERE.  There is even no sense stepping inside just to see its state. Stand and observe by the fetcher's waiting area and you'll know what I mean.

I declare J. Bond and myself as the family's official airport pick-up service. We get to immerse ourselves at the waiting area twice a year at the very least. Last month, we picked up Mom, while yesterday, it was an aunt's turn. Then in April, J. Bond's parents are arriving. So that makes it already three for this year, and its state remains exactly the same. 

But I must say, yesterday's pick-up was different.  Apparently, waiting for your guest amidst dust and a sea of fetchers can be amusing too.

Starting off with this boy in red.

The roses were for his Mom.  I asked. Aww!

Then, these kids were tremendously amused.

I wondered, amused with what? They did too much of this face pinching.

And when I looked up.....

Sorry blurred.  I laughed hard. 

After kidding around, he gobbled.  Again.  Chicharon this time.

Like what I said in this previous post, he gobbles anywhere, everywhere, even with a foot in the picture.

Now, that's what you call CA-CHICHARON!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Flower Garden

I went straight here right after checking-in at Acuaverde last Saturday.
It was lunch, the heat was on, and I didn't mind.  Tita Cyn who knows me so well with regards to heat matters should read this.  She'll be shocked.  In most cases, I stay away from heat, especially summer heat.  I breath, live and stay sane within the confines of an airconditioned room.  Explains my adoration for the mountains. Here's another photo taken on the exact same spot but pointing to a different angle.
Besides the breathtaking seascape, I was rather more focused on the color of the bougainvillea against a scenic backdrop.  It had brought my thoughts back home where I had left my work in progress Flora collection.  But now, I'm done with a few pieces. 

Here they are.
White Heart

Blue Heart

In 3s black

In 3s Brown
More to come.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beach Weekend

I write and share this post to make me remember:

1.  that there is life beyond the mountains
2.  that there is nothing horrible about the sea, except for the 12nn-3pm scorching heat
3.  and that I shall return!

Never did I imagine declaring this, but I will.  My beach weekend was a BLAST! For the first time, I saw the sea in a different light

Pets are by all means welcome at the resort.  A thumbs up. Here is Bugsy by the dining pavilion with my bag adorned with vintage photos of my grandmother and a few of her precious treasures.

And, here he is within the comfortable confines of our airconditioned room. 

This quaint and private garden resort I discovered over the net had me curious for a week. So, I called and found myself booked.  As soon as I stepped foot and after doing a couple of chikas on its story with the locals, there's no doubt I would return.  Hello Acuaverde.

A bit of juicy trivia as shared by a staff (who for one moment made me wish that the pharmacy was still around so that I could pirate offer employment), it is in this very courtyard where this celebrity couple had their wedding reception.  The resort was formerly known as Balai.

Tamarind trees and its fallen fruit scattered all around the resort.

Amazing breathtaking seascape.
7 am


12 noon

9 pm

Pleasant surprises.
A wedding in progress.    

A heart-shaped rock.   J. Bond sees the shape of a bitten cookie. I still see heart.

Party by the shore.

See those small white dots floating on the sky?  Those are lanterns.


Finally celebrating SIX.

J. Bond rode and paddled alone.  I feared the thought of turning over.
Think chicken!

While waiting, I adored a few beads.

Food overload. 

But nothing could stop J. Bond from  stuffing himself with honey coated coconut and cups of homegrown Batangas brewed coffee.

The honey coated coconut vendors swarmed around J. Bond all day.

See him gobble.

I swear neverending gobble.

Watching J. Bond eat.

Today, we are back to regular programming.  While at work, J. Bond sent a text message saying that we should return.  I agree.  My thoughts are still afloat and glued to our beach weekend.

Same goes for Bugsy, who ran freely on sand, with no leash, then went home dead tired.

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