Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I refrain from doing resolutions. I WISH.  NO pressure.  If the wish is destined to come true anyway, I believe it will happen in a poof, but on the right time and at the right place.  Every single thing simply perfect. Yet, of course, it comes with hard work and an unwavering determination too.

So here  are my 2012 wishes in no particular order.

1. Just like my wish in 2011, LIVE HEALTHY.  There is no easy way of getting over and letting go of what happened in 2010, but lesson learned.  I have posted quite a number of hospital photos in previous posts, and I will continue posting so as to serve as a hounding reminder that health is wealth


I wish desire for two trips this year.  But INDIA holds the TOP spot of my list.

The reason why I crave for India.

3. Fine, I admit J. Bond hit it right.  He thinks boredom had set in with me and my beads, reason for my lull moments. So this year, By Beaded Story moves forward.  No details yet, but target roll-out is March 2012 and here are my inspirations.
I briefly talked about my 2012 By Beaded Story plans here.

Click photo to enlarge.
The nth time I have received the same query via email. 
The last was during this bazaar.

4.  Of course, I still wish for my LUSH LOT.  May this wish come true this year.  But first, more serious biking is needed.   I find it way easier to scout around in a bike than in a car.

5.  That my team may find their true happiness even with our soon-to-come parting ways.  Like what I have repeatedly said, for discipline, for stability, for growth and for better opportunities. 

6.  May Bugsy's hair grow back to the way it was FAST. 

Bugsy on New Year's eve

I arrived home Monday afternoon shocked and deep in thought as to what I should do with the dog I have brought back home from the groomer. Momentarily, I thought  I had the wrong dog.  But a few tests pretty much did the trick.  First, SIT.  Easy. Most dogs know this trick.  Next, PAW.  With Bugsy, he readily gives his paw even without a command.  Place the hand underneath his chest, then hola, he lays his paw on the hand.  Check.  Lastly, scream "CHEEEEEEEESE!".   And like always, he jumped, ran and went crazy. 

Thank God! Bugsy alright. But, oh hair, please grow fast.

6.  Here's a wish that I know will remain unfulfilled this year.  I wish that J. Bond and I may finally have the chance to celebrate our bliss on  the exact day we exchanged I Dos, without any interruption, not in advance, and with no delays.  Really!!!  On our 1st year, I spent the day in panic while J. Bond subjected his left arm to a half day surgery due to his damned evil knievel bike accident. 

Then, a wedding happened which I could not pass up on.  My friend thought of my wedding date as perfect.  So, she followed and assigned me the task of Church commentator. Wise move. 
On my anniversary day while being briefed by the wedding coordinator.

Family gatherings have happened on the same day as well.  Of course,  excuses strictly prohibited.  Otherwise, there will be no end to a very dark tunnel.

And, February is my Mother's preferred month of visit. She is arriving soon.  So, there you go. 

7.  And lastly, J. Bond had asked months ago if I was interested to catch the ongoing local version of The Sound of Music.  I said no. But I am strongly wishing, with fingers crossed, that one day I get the chance to meet the cast and the real VonTrapp family in the flesh.  How's that for a wish, huh? =)

Let's see what happens by the end of this year.  I'm looking forward.

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