Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beaded Cloth Colors

I prefer wearing this year's bead cloth necklace in threes.  The more the better.   

But it may be worn individually as well.  Here are the available colors.
Blue lace with silver beads

Grey lace with silver beads

White lace with white beads 

Light pink lace with pink beads

Tan lace with bronze beads

Soon to come: hot pink and black.  I'm thinking of mixing up colors as well.  Let's see.  But Pinky's suggestion does excite me.

For queries on this year's bead cloth necklace, feel free to email me at or post your message on this site.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

do YOU SEE what I SEE?

I'm off to Baguio with J. Bond on Thursday.  A spur-of-the-moment  decision I made just this morning.  Yehey!!!

J. Bond's reason for going, WORK.  While I ...

...Not because I want to. In fact, there's too much urgent tasks to be done this week.  But what the heck.  There's always next week.
...Not  because of the sights and shopping for goodies in Baguio.  Baguio goodies are available in Manila and Tagaytay anyway. 

I am off to Baguio because of sleep deprivation, fear of having to stay home alone for two nights, and escape the horror from the faces I see in this photo of Dad2 taken beside Emilio Aguinaldo's carriage at Barasoain Church, Malolos, Bulacan. 

Do you see her? him? them?

Mother took the photo and came home flushed by its wierdness.  First was the mist that came out upon taking the shot.  Then, she sees the old lady, with hair tied in a bun, standing in an angled position right beside the carriage.   I stared long, zoomed the photo, but  saw nothing.  Yet, having a mother with third eye and a strong sense of feeling the unseen---oh yes! and a sister who took after Mother---I believed but refused to see.

Until Mother posted the photo in Facebook yesterday, a month after.    Only then did I see  the old lady, plus!!! a faint image of a male with black hair beside her. With my skin covered with goose bumps, I obviously freaked out.  Mother saw only one. I saw two. 

(Lord, I pray that I no longer see. Even if we all witnessed this scary Christmas night years ago. Live this gift with my mother and sister # 3 to enjoy and cherish for the rest of their lives. This, I do not wish for. Let me live in peace most especially at night.) Hahaha!

Some say that these images are mere shadows.  Hopefully, they are right.  But seeing their faces with distinct features makes me wonder.  There are a total of five images by the way. Two up by the arch (as identified by a friend in Facebook) and a profile of a young boy in between the red circles (discovered by J. Bond last night)

I lack sleep but too scared to sleep.

Hello Baguio!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bead Cloth Necklace 2011

Originally, I thought of sticking with the same old bead cloth necklace design.  But beads wrapped in dainty lace this time...

I changed my mind.  I thought of wearing them in threes and instantly fell in love with it. 

Will post and share the details soon. I hope, if time permits.  But last photo in this blog shows all available colors.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Then and Now

Lately, I have been asked by family and friends how I spend my days as an early retiree.  Controlling myself  from shouting out loud FABULOUSLY FREE, I often reply with a rundown of activities from Monday to Sunday.  Most often, I receive a mix of responses. A stunned response upon hearing my jampack list of things to do even as a retiree...or a dreamy reply of wanting to be in my shoes someday.  Well, one thing is for sure.  My Tuesdays are my Saturdays and Sundays combined.  And the rest of the days fall under a weekday. Busy, oh yes but in a much rather fulfilling sense.  I am my own master and my own slave!

I think the inquisitive minds (*haha) are nothing but curious.  So here's a bit of comparison of what was then and now...

Let's start with events.  Ayala's delegation in its first ever participation in the Makati Day Parade.   Despite the long wait, the end-to-end fashion walk along Ayala Avenue (with floats, characters in costume and celebrities) and the rain that poured mid-walk, I ended high that day...for having survived everyone's whines and complaints.  *Hahaha.

Medical Missions, my Monday and Saturday events from the day I retired.  This morning's medical mission held at Molino 5's barangay focused on children, while next week is solely for senior citizens.  In this event, I am fulfilled yet emotionally involved.  It is a fulfillment to give and to provide services for the benefit of health.  But it truly breaks my heart to witness firsthand the aches and pains by most especially those in need.   Nothing like the whines and complaints I got from Makati Day Parade's delegation.

Lunch-ing around Greenbelt's casual dining restos with my closest girls in the office. Missing them right this moment.  But yes, this happened often :)

There's no such thing as casual dining resto from where I spend my days regularly.  The discovery of street food joints, like the Buy 1 Take 1 hamburgers of Angel's Burger, is marvelous, tasty and cheap.   Sarap!

Acting goofy with the girls right in front of the big boss's office.  

This morning's medical mission with the Pharmacy girls and Molino 5's Kagawad Vilma.  Gone are the goofy days, but the talk while at the midst of a medical mission keeps me alive.  All about love and happiness.  *Hahaha.

So to family and friends who asked, hope that bit of info helped.  My days I believe run on the same busy mode and still with a semblance of what was then, but with a much more meaningful sense NOW. Nothing has changed with the beading by the way --- then and now, it happens after my day's affairs.  Aside from Chunky Beads, here's what's coming soon...

 Cheers!  Have a great week ahead of you :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Liliw's Cold Water Springs? or, Lake Pandin?

Time zooms so fast!  Exactly this time last year, I searched for affordable and semi-secluded venues for the Pharmacy's summer trip.  I value stress breaks, and it is a must that the team does the same even only for a keep sanity intact whole year round.

Despite my lone push for the mountains when everyone else whined for water, it took me  time to pinpoint which among the handpicked resorts I would finally choose.  Nevertheless, I faced the fact of being outnumbered. Gave up the mountain push.  Gave in to the water wish. And swam with the team at Dona Jovita Garden Resort in Los Banos last year.

Generika-Bahayang Pag-asa Summer 2010 at Dona Jovita Garden Resort

And here I am, planning once again for this year's summer trip.  This time, I put my mountain case  to rest and aim straight to assuming that the team's preference for water stays strong as ever.  Surprisingly, options came fast and easy.  This morning, I trimmed the list to two possible options.

First, the cold water springs of Liliw.

Pagsanjan is first home to my paternal side of the family, while its nearby town, Liliw, is our exciting pitstop to shop for comfy footwear or to take a dip in its ice-cold water springs. The town had always been part of the family's route prior and after the  festivities in Pagsanjan.  Unfortunately, I have not been to Liliw (nor Pagsanjan) for quite some time now.  The last visit was  seven(?) years ago. For work.

When it comes to Liliw's footwear, I clamor for their comfortable beaded alfombra slippers which I had worn as office footwear in the past.  I had managed to escape the probing eyes of HR by masking the slipper-look with longer-than-usual pants. *Haha.  A matter of wearing slippers (aka-tsinelas) in style and with COURAGE.

Alfombra slippers from Liliw

But  when it comes to Liliw's ice-cold water springs, I literally freeze.  I often return to that day when Dad threw great words of encouragement that I be brave, face my fear, and take a plunge into Liliw's crystal clear water. I was five years old.  And, naive. Still, I remember every single moment of that day... the deep breath I took.  Then, the plunge.


"Lupaypay" from Liliw's ice-cold water. Ang lamig!  Grabe! *Haha.
The LAST time I took a dip in Liliw.

Not only did I freeze. That day gave birth to my loathe for cold baths.  Even at summer's worst heat, I  bathe in boiling hot water. No kidding!

Another Liliw shot with Dad.

Trips to Liliw since then excluded swimming and were all about work, plus an on-the-side alfombra slipper splurge.  I refused the tease of Liliw's ice-cold water  despite its location of lying amidst a lush of greens.  Something that I adore. 

Now, I wonder?  I wonder if it is worth going back.

...To shop for more beaded alfombra slippers - (DEFINITELY A YES)
...To face my loathe for bathing in ice-cold water once and for all - (OK)
...And, to  see if the water-fanatic team will FREEZE TO DEATH the same way that I did.... (GREAT!!!  Then maybe next year, they'll aim for the mountains.)

And then, there's Lake Pandin.

Photo of Lake Pandin from Homestyle Magazine (April '09)

Mid-2009, my former co-workers and I went on a a one-day cultural and food-trip tour called Viaje Del Sol (better known as the Way of the Sun).   Hosted by an alliance of entrepreneurs and Filipino cultural enthusiasts, they  collaborated on a  map that presents a list of tourist spots found in Quezon, Laguna and Batangas.   With this map used as reference, we had put together an itinerary based on our time-constraint lifestyle that aimed to discover homegrown delicacies, quaint cafes, popular landmarks and art galleries. 

Here are some of the places we visited that day ....

The Viaje Del Sol map.  Visit for more details.

Cafe Salud Gallery

Lunch at Kusina Salud

Church of Lucban

Wandered around Quezon

I am as colorful as the Kiping on the ceiling. *Haha.


Ugu-Bigyan pottery

Warmth of Viaje Del Sol's afternoon sun

One day is not enough to  visit all tourist spots listed in Viaje Del Sol's map, like Lake Pandin.  J. Bond is pushing for this lake as 2nd option for the Pharmacy's summer trip.  I am wondering what's in the lake?  *Haha.  But, interesting!

 A feature of Lake Pandin in Homestyle Magazine (April '09 issue).
Click to enlarge.

Now, which do I choose?  Have you ever been to Liliw's cold springs? Lake Pandin?  Any insights or comments?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tropical Hut Ham(worm)burger

Back then, when Mcdonalds and Jollibee were yet unheard of, Tropical Hut was the only known burger place  in the south. As far as I know, it has been existent on the same corner spot in BF Homes Paranaque even long before I came to life.  Today, it has evolved into a popular landmark and a point of reference I regularly give out for directional purposes.

As a child, my brother and I often looked forward to our once-in-awhile trips to Tropical Hut since burgers and sodas on a daily basis were strictly prohibited. We were trained to appreciate and live with home cooked meals and gulp on milk. Yet, it remains a fact that  satisfying our young carnivorous cravings with Tropical Hut's tasty burgers and a glass of coke felt like heaven.

Until the worm rumor in the 80s happened, which apparently was validated later on by Mother via a "talkative" worm supplier.  That ended the thrill.

Lately, I find myself wondering about Tropical Hut's tasty burger.  Probably an effect from Mother's burger query recently.  She has never forgotten the long ago rumor.  So do I.  This time she expounds further by saying that the main ingredient are organically bred worms anyway.  Nothing to fear.  Though the rumor remains pretty much a rumor, I am doubtful as ever.  Worms freak me out.

Before the burger in a chunky bead necklace and during the burger.

But what the heck! I craved and stuffed myself with Tropical Hut's classic burger yesterday, after so many years.

It tastes exactly the same.  Yum! Heaven!  Wish my brother shared yesterday's burger moment with me.

J. Bond adores ketchup on his burger.  And on his french fry too .... Haha!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mother Earth

TAAL LAKE, February 2011
How timely that Japan's environmental disaster happens a few days after I talked about flood in this blog.  It is no longer a surprise that yesterday's disaster and all other environmental occurrences are happening now.   Obviously, the long abused Mother Earth has embarked on a route to vengeance.

SONYA'S GARDEN, December 2010
I am fearing on what may happen next.  The wrath obviously keeps getting stronger.  Unfortunately, my llittle recycling efforts are no longer enough to meet the huge demand of Earth. But I am still holding on to a positive mindset that nothing ain't too late, and that there will always be hope ... as long as you and I have the determination to continue life.

But first, learn and live with respect.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flood Go Away. I'm going to Quiapo next day.

This is what J. Bond passed through on his way home Monday night ....

What usually takes a 45-minute travel from work to home (inclusive of traffic), took 3 hours because of floods brought by the strong rain early that night.     Of course, J. Bond arrived home pissed.

Yet, I was oblivious to such occurrence as I was too engrossed on the ongoing drama at Mara's wake ---scene after scene heated arguments, supported by heart wrenching face slapping, culminating to non-stop crying.  Then, a miracle happened just last night.  Mara rose from the dead.  Fans are rejoicing most especially me.   *Haha!  As expected in Filipino Telenovelas! But, I confess I am addicted to it. 

Despite my attempt to speed up the sympathetic finally-your-home hug and immediately return to watching Mara Clara, I missed the latter part of that night's episode.  The photos of the flood shown by J. Bond as soon as he arrived home entailed me to bump-off the show and re-think of next day's Quiapo trip instead.  There was no way I would commute to Quiapo in this flood, I thought.  A rainy day would  not be  a hindrance to make a trip to Quiapo.  I'm well-prepared and geared-up for rain, including that gooey garbage I always accidentally step on in Quiapo.  But with flood, I definitely won't manage.

In the morning,  luck was on my side.  Great! The sun was up.  The flood gone.  And so, I went.  Not for beads.  But for a toy bird.
Obviously, I became  hooked on birds after my encounter with a pigeon and ducks during Monday morning's Bahay Kubo medical mission. But, I prefer the colorful-toy-kind rather than the real chirpy flying ones. *Haha.  With Generikid coming soon, purpose of this first for the year Quiapo trip  was to buy  a bunch of multi-colored toy birds that first crossed my path in one of my bead splurging visits last year.  These birds are one of our colorful prizes for the participating kids, but  I'm thinking of live chicks too.

This bird flies high by the way.  As the lady in the photo demonstrates, wind the winding stem found near the head of the bird.  Then, let go.  On another note, I am amazed with the background images of this photo - kalesa, jeepney, colorful balloons of the street vendor and, Mang Inasal.  It has captured the symbolic images that are only found in Manila, Philippines =)

See!  It really does fly high.  I tried flying one at home and damaged it after so many attempts.  I need MORE practice.

 My loot for the Generikids!  I'm excited.  Soar high!!!

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