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Liliw's Cold Water Springs? or, Lake Pandin?

Time zooms so fast!  Exactly this time last year, I searched for affordable and semi-secluded venues for the Pharmacy's summer trip.  I value stress breaks, and it is a must that the team does the same even only for a keep sanity intact whole year round.

Despite my lone push for the mountains when everyone else whined for water, it took me  time to pinpoint which among the handpicked resorts I would finally choose.  Nevertheless, I faced the fact of being outnumbered. Gave up the mountain push.  Gave in to the water wish. And swam with the team at Dona Jovita Garden Resort in Los Banos last year.

Generika-Bahayang Pag-asa Summer 2010 at Dona Jovita Garden Resort

And here I am, planning once again for this year's summer trip.  This time, I put my mountain case  to rest and aim straight to assuming that the team's preference for water stays strong as ever.  Surprisingly, options came fast and easy.  This morning, I trimmed the list to two possible options.

First, the cold water springs of Liliw.

Pagsanjan is first home to my paternal side of the family, while its nearby town, Liliw, is our exciting pitstop to shop for comfy footwear or to take a dip in its ice-cold water springs. The town had always been part of the family's route prior and after the  festivities in Pagsanjan.  Unfortunately, I have not been to Liliw (nor Pagsanjan) for quite some time now.  The last visit was  seven(?) years ago. For work.

When it comes to Liliw's footwear, I clamor for their comfortable beaded alfombra slippers which I had worn as office footwear in the past.  I had managed to escape the probing eyes of HR by masking the slipper-look with longer-than-usual pants. *Haha.  A matter of wearing slippers (aka-tsinelas) in style and with COURAGE.

Alfombra slippers from Liliw

But  when it comes to Liliw's ice-cold water springs, I literally freeze.  I often return to that day when Dad threw great words of encouragement that I be brave, face my fear, and take a plunge into Liliw's crystal clear water. I was five years old.  And, naive. Still, I remember every single moment of that day... the deep breath I took.  Then, the plunge.


"Lupaypay" from Liliw's ice-cold water. Ang lamig!  Grabe! *Haha.
The LAST time I took a dip in Liliw.

Not only did I freeze. That day gave birth to my loathe for cold baths.  Even at summer's worst heat, I  bathe in boiling hot water. No kidding!

Another Liliw shot with Dad.

Trips to Liliw since then excluded swimming and were all about work, plus an on-the-side alfombra slipper splurge.  I refused the tease of Liliw's ice-cold water  despite its location of lying amidst a lush of greens.  Something that I adore. 

Now, I wonder?  I wonder if it is worth going back.

...To shop for more beaded alfombra slippers - (DEFINITELY A YES)
...To face my loathe for bathing in ice-cold water once and for all - (OK)
...And, to  see if the water-fanatic team will FREEZE TO DEATH the same way that I did.... (GREAT!!!  Then maybe next year, they'll aim for the mountains.)

And then, there's Lake Pandin.

Photo of Lake Pandin from Homestyle Magazine (April '09)

Mid-2009, my former co-workers and I went on a a one-day cultural and food-trip tour called Viaje Del Sol (better known as the Way of the Sun).   Hosted by an alliance of entrepreneurs and Filipino cultural enthusiasts, they  collaborated on a  map that presents a list of tourist spots found in Quezon, Laguna and Batangas.   With this map used as reference, we had put together an itinerary based on our time-constraint lifestyle that aimed to discover homegrown delicacies, quaint cafes, popular landmarks and art galleries. 

Here are some of the places we visited that day ....

The Viaje Del Sol map.  Visit for more details.

Cafe Salud Gallery

Lunch at Kusina Salud

Church of Lucban

Wandered around Quezon

I am as colorful as the Kiping on the ceiling. *Haha.


Ugu-Bigyan pottery

Warmth of Viaje Del Sol's afternoon sun

One day is not enough to  visit all tourist spots listed in Viaje Del Sol's map, like Lake Pandin.  J. Bond is pushing for this lake as 2nd option for the Pharmacy's summer trip.  I am wondering what's in the lake?  *Haha.  But, interesting!

 A feature of Lake Pandin in Homestyle Magazine (April '09 issue).
Click to enlarge.

Now, which do I choose?  Have you ever been to Liliw's cold springs? Lake Pandin?  Any insights or comments?

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