Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tropical Hut Ham(worm)burger

Back then, when Mcdonalds and Jollibee were yet unheard of, Tropical Hut was the only known burger place  in the south. As far as I know, it has been existent on the same corner spot in BF Homes Paranaque even long before I came to life.  Today, it has evolved into a popular landmark and a point of reference I regularly give out for directional purposes.

As a child, my brother and I often looked forward to our once-in-awhile trips to Tropical Hut since burgers and sodas on a daily basis were strictly prohibited. We were trained to appreciate and live with home cooked meals and gulp on milk. Yet, it remains a fact that  satisfying our young carnivorous cravings with Tropical Hut's tasty burgers and a glass of coke felt like heaven.

Until the worm rumor in the 80s happened, which apparently was validated later on by Mother via a "talkative" worm supplier.  That ended the thrill.

Lately, I find myself wondering about Tropical Hut's tasty burger.  Probably an effect from Mother's burger query recently.  She has never forgotten the long ago rumor.  So do I.  This time she expounds further by saying that the main ingredient are organically bred worms anyway.  Nothing to fear.  Though the rumor remains pretty much a rumor, I am doubtful as ever.  Worms freak me out.

Before the burger in a chunky bead necklace and during the burger.

But what the heck! I craved and stuffed myself with Tropical Hut's classic burger yesterday, after so many years.

It tastes exactly the same.  Yum! Heaven!  Wish my brother shared yesterday's burger moment with me.

J. Bond adores ketchup on his burger.  And on his french fry too .... Haha!

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