Tuesday, March 29, 2011

do YOU SEE what I SEE?

I'm off to Baguio with J. Bond on Thursday.  A spur-of-the-moment  decision I made just this morning.  Yehey!!!

J. Bond's reason for going, WORK.  While I ...

...Not because I want to. In fact, there's too much urgent tasks to be done this week.  But what the heck.  There's always next week.
...Not  because of the sights and shopping for goodies in Baguio.  Baguio goodies are available in Manila and Tagaytay anyway. 

I am off to Baguio because of sleep deprivation, fear of having to stay home alone for two nights, and escape the horror from the faces I see in this photo of Dad2 taken beside Emilio Aguinaldo's carriage at Barasoain Church, Malolos, Bulacan. 

Do you see her? him? them?

Mother took the photo and came home flushed by its wierdness.  First was the mist that came out upon taking the shot.  Then, she sees the old lady, with hair tied in a bun, standing in an angled position right beside the carriage.   I stared long, zoomed the photo, but  saw nothing.  Yet, having a mother with third eye and a strong sense of feeling the unseen---oh yes! and a sister who took after Mother---I believed but refused to see.

Until Mother posted the photo in Facebook yesterday, a month after.    Only then did I see  the old lady, plus!!! a faint image of a male with black hair beside her. With my skin covered with goose bumps, I obviously freaked out.  Mother saw only one. I saw two. 

(Lord, I pray that I no longer see. Even if we all witnessed this scary Christmas night years ago. Live this gift with my mother and sister # 3 to enjoy and cherish for the rest of their lives. This, I do not wish for. Let me live in peace most especially at night.) Hahaha!

Some say that these images are mere shadows.  Hopefully, they are right.  But seeing their faces with distinct features makes me wonder.  There are a total of five images by the way. Two up by the arch (as identified by a friend in Facebook) and a profile of a young boy in between the red circles (discovered by J. Bond last night)

I lack sleep but too scared to sleep.

Hello Baguio!

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