Monday, March 7, 2011

Bahay-Kubo Medical Mission

Today was rather quite  unusual but truly enjoyable. Previous medical missions were held in cemented and covered venues.  This morning, on the other hand, was all about entertaining 65 patients in this Bahay Kubo.

Odd, but it suprisingly brought a relaxed and organized feel.  And, I loved it!  Even Dr. Alvin stayed put and finished the half-day medical mission in this Bahay Kubo despite the invite to relocate to a more decent nearby space.  He must have enjoyed it there.

Dr. Alvin with patient # 1.  See the green mangoes resting on the rooftop?  I marvelled on them. 

Here's a closer shot of the mangoes for your drooling pleasure. *Haha.
It was nice of the Barangay Captain to offer ripe mangoes.  But I shamelessly requested for those green ones on the tree instead and with the condition that I do the picking. *Haha.  He said to come back in two weeks time.  Cool!

The vital signs, fasting blood sugar, cholesterol and uric acid station in front of the Bahay Kubo, with our Pharmacy nurses in-action. 

Way up to the Bahay Kubo.   And, thanks to this Kid's curiosity ....

... I discovered these sights found at the back of the Bahay Kubo ...
Pigeon(s) perched on the Bahay Kubo.

Rolling uninhabited land with fruit trees, flowers and vegetables, somehow seen in this photo.

Duck pond.

Must be the Mother Duck?  It stood still for a long time while the rest drank.

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