Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flood Go Away. I'm going to Quiapo next day.

This is what J. Bond passed through on his way home Monday night ....

What usually takes a 45-minute travel from work to home (inclusive of traffic), took 3 hours because of floods brought by the strong rain early that night.     Of course, J. Bond arrived home pissed.

Yet, I was oblivious to such occurrence as I was too engrossed on the ongoing drama at Mara's wake ---scene after scene heated arguments, supported by heart wrenching face slapping, culminating to non-stop crying.  Then, a miracle happened just last night.  Mara rose from the dead.  Fans are rejoicing most especially me.   *Haha!  As expected in Filipino Telenovelas! But, I confess I am addicted to it. 

Despite my attempt to speed up the sympathetic finally-your-home hug and immediately return to watching Mara Clara, I missed the latter part of that night's episode.  The photos of the flood shown by J. Bond as soon as he arrived home entailed me to bump-off the show and re-think of next day's Quiapo trip instead.  There was no way I would commute to Quiapo in this flood, I thought.  A rainy day would  not be  a hindrance to make a trip to Quiapo.  I'm well-prepared and geared-up for rain, including that gooey garbage I always accidentally step on in Quiapo.  But with flood, I definitely won't manage.

In the morning,  luck was on my side.  Great! The sun was up.  The flood gone.  And so, I went.  Not for beads.  But for a toy bird.
Obviously, I became  hooked on birds after my encounter with a pigeon and ducks during Monday morning's Bahay Kubo medical mission. But, I prefer the colorful-toy-kind rather than the real chirpy flying ones. *Haha.  With Generikid coming soon, purpose of this first for the year Quiapo trip  was to buy  a bunch of multi-colored toy birds that first crossed my path in one of my bead splurging visits last year.  These birds are one of our colorful prizes for the participating kids, but  I'm thinking of live chicks too.

This bird flies high by the way.  As the lady in the photo demonstrates, wind the winding stem found near the head of the bird.  Then, let go.  On another note, I am amazed with the background images of this photo - kalesa, jeepney, colorful balloons of the street vendor and, Mang Inasal.  It has captured the symbolic images that are only found in Manila, Philippines =)

See!  It really does fly high.  I tried flying one at home and damaged it after so many attempts.  I need MORE practice.

 My loot for the Generikids!  I'm excited.  Soar high!!!

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