Wednesday, September 8, 2010

En Route to Quiapo

One thing I am thankful for is the invention and existence of the Metro Railway Transit (MRT) and Light Railway Transit (LRT).

Otherwise, I could have been stuck with this ...

Yikes!!! This was yesterday.  It's like this every single day.  Traffic!!! Not so worth it to bring a car. 

So when en route to Quiapo, I take the MRT, then the LRT.  Really fast!  J. Bond drops me off at the MRT-Ayala Station.  Traverse my way towards Edsa Station.  Then, I switch trains from the MRT to the LRT.

A photo of the LRT tracks.  See, no traffic.  Lol!

Buildings I see when in the LRT.  The 3rd building was where I spent my "young" summers doing either swimming or dancing bayanihan.  Lola Liling used to teach here.

Carriedo Station, my stop.   I'm not sure how many stations Carriedo is from Edsa Station.  But printed at the back of the LRT card is the detailed route.  So slim chance of missing your station.  Besides, big signages are displayed in each station aside from the in-train announcement.

View of the street where I am headed towards to from the LRT-Carriedo Station.  At the end of this road is Quiapo Church.

Yes, they call this a street where vendors and shoppers do their day til night multiple transactions.  Try bring a car and let's see what happens.  Dare, anyone?  Lol.

Accessories, Clothes, Luggages, Bags, Fruits, Houseware.  Name it, they've got it.  All found along the street.

Took a photo because of the colors.  Lol.

I almost bought a bunny.  But I wasn't too sure if "pets" were allowed inside the MRT and LRT =(

Quick stop at Quiapo Church.

 The reason why I was in Quiapo yesterday.  Time to replenish a few? beading materials.  Behind me is Quiapo Church.  Or a better landmark is Mercury Drugstore, the one with the humongous TV screen on its  facade.

I have long patronized Kyla Accessories due to their beautiful selection of glass beads which they sell at a cheaper price compared to neighboring stores.  But yesterday's visit left me emptyhanded.  For some reason, they have changed their line to mostly plastic beads =(

See the strings of cords on the bottom left of the photo.  Those are mine! I buy them in rolls from Sonny's House of Beads or Pot of Gem.

Yes, these bead stores are barricaded by vendors selling food or plasticwares.  Here you see the vendor-covered store front of Wellmanson, the most popular store along this bead street.  Wellmanson has been talked about and featured in various fashion/business magazines, blogs, and many more.  They carry a wide array of beads and beading materials.

Pendants sold at Wellmanson.  But I think, they're a bit more pricey.

The buying is not over yet.  I  have just made a  mark in my calendar to return two weeks from now.  Busy gearing up for the Christmas shopping battle =) -- Woodrose Family Bazaar on October 16-17, 2010 and delivery of exclusive bead works at Sonya's Garden's Country Store. Busy. Busy. Busy.  Til then ...

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