Thursday, September 30, 2010


A "B"-freak, that's what I am!  Lol.  B-eads...a given. And, B-azaar. Yay!!! I'm back!!! I'm so excited about this. Can you feel it? It's been more than a year since I last joined a bazaar.  Christmas last year was off since I had other matters on the list.   But this year, top of my list is to celebrate the season in a Bazaar, Bazaar, Bazaar!!! In the South.  Specifically, Alabang :)

My first bazaar ever.  St. James the Great 2006 at Cuenca, Ayala Alabang Village.  Shared the booth with a friend who sold "sexy" shoes.  See my Mom-in-law's yellow sleeve.  She and her friends are my oh-so-loyal customers.

Me amidst the St. James the Great 2007 crowd.   There's no doubt that this bazaar is very popular.  Shoppers from all parts of Metro Manila come over to the south to shop for great finds.  

The only photo I have of my Tahanan Village Bazaar in 2007.  It was too hot to take photos.  Stay still was what I only thought about. 

Casa Y Jardin 2008.  My first time to venture out of Alabang.  This bazaar was held in Pasig.  Tiring!!!  Too far!!!  After this bazaar, I made a promise never to step out of Alabang anymore.  Lol. Oh, hello cousin in yellow :)

Got Gifts Christmas Bazaar 2008.  An invitational bazaar which my friends (vendors too) and I organized at the roofdeck of my former pad in Makati :)  Relaxing because of the homey ambience and chika-friends.

Alabang Hills Village Christmas Bazaar 2008.  A 3-day bazaar which I fell in love with and promised to return in 2009.  As I've earlier said, I was  busy with other matters and by some twist of fate, Alabang Hills skipped on last year's bazaar too!
ATC Sunday Market in April 2009 (parking lot beside St. Jerome Church in Alabang Town Center).  When I'm on a break, 6-footer J. Bond takes over and sells n-o-t-h-i-n-g! 

Note to self:  Must brief J. Bond on the beads and stones for this year's bazaars. Otherwise, adios customers.  Lol!

My other 6-footer lil helper, B=RAVE dude friend. 

My last bazaar at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna in April and May 2009 before I took a break.  Here I am with Alvin, my bazaar/pharmacy assistant :) 

So there.  After having gone through the photos, I realized that I haven't missed a year after all.  Good thing I was able to break that bead-block and I'm so looking forward to joining these 2010 bazaars:  Woodrose Family Bazaar on October 16-17, 2010 at Cuenca, Ayala Alabang Village and Christmas Treats Bazaar on December 10-12, 2010 at the basketball court of Alabang Hills Village. I'm thinking of joining one more, preferably in November.  But let's see where the flow will bring me.

Yes and just like me, Alabang Hills is back on the bazaar-groove this year too :)  To vendors who posted a message on my previous blog  inquiring on the contact details of the Alabang Hills Village organizer, Jing of the village association is waiting for your call.  Contact numbers:  (632)8508254 or (632)8509631.

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