Saturday, October 2, 2010

Create your world full of your favorite things

I love Skycable's TV commercial!!!  You bet,  I STOP whatever I do each time it comes on.

I swear I can so relate to it!  The song.  Its lyrics.  The little girl's room.  Her imaginary world, how it comes alive right before her sparkling eyes, and the thrilling experience she feels. That's just simply me. And that's exactly how I am each time I create my favorite thing.  

By now, I hope you already know by heart that my favorite thing is to create bead necklaces.  And this knack has kept me sane and kickin' for 4 years now.  Yes, its been that long and this month in fact marks the 4th year anniversary of my beading.  Thank God, I haven't had lost the touch yet.  A lot have passed me by, but the beading is still strong as ever.  Cheers to that!

But here's the thing.  Creating favorite things can be a bit messy too.  At least twice a year, the BEDroom (which happens to be that same room which I share with J. Bond) makes its transformation into a workshop.  A no choice situation for the husband since there's no other part in the house, not even in my previous place of residence, I'd rather bead but right at the confines of my bedroom.  Oh, on the floor and in front of the TV!  Explains how I came across  Skycable's TV commercial.  Don't worry, husband's got his little nook while the work is going on.  Although, too much walking around while beading is definitely a no-no.  The safety of the beads is the PRIORITY during work time.  Lol!

Remember this photo?  Towards the end of Summer 2010, it was all about kids and the Pharmacy.  So paper, scrapbook materials, stickers, pens, prizes were scattered all around the room and floor.  I heard no complaint from the husband but I'm pretty sure he was oh-so-happy when the "arts and crafts workshop" ended.

Pardon the mess and to my husband's dismay, this is  how a corner of the room looks right this very minute.  Lol.  Boxes, baskets, bags containing bead works and bazaar paraphernalia are all stacked in that corner. A big green luggage is even buried under those boxes.  To think I haven't officially started yet and we are looking at December 12 as the culmination of my bead/bazaar activities.  I hope "love" continues to stay mum about this for 2.5 months.   Hang in there, dear. Hehe.

But seriously, I thank J. Bond for being so supportive of my imaginary world.   After all, I wouldn't have lasted 4 long years without his help (by carrying all the boxes and doing the set-ups, pull-outs and driving around) and patience (practically hanging around the food area of the bazaar all throughout the day, waiting for me to pack-up).  Now, here we go again in two weeks time.  We're both excited.

How about you? Have you worked on your favorite thing today?

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