Monday, October 4, 2010

New Bead Necklaces

My store pharmacist just said that I'm too busy with bazaar stuff.  Hehe but oh-so-true!   Before I totally drown myself with too much excitement and hectic-ness, let me share with you a few new necklaces I recently made.  All these will be available at the Woodrose Family Bazaar on October 16-17, 2010.

First is The Mother's Heart.  Inspired by my flora collection, this arrangement may be worn either long or choker style.

Mother's Heart 1

Mother's Heart 2

Mother's Heart 3

More Tala (glass) necklaces ...

I love this! I made 2 of this design.  One is available at Sonya's Garden and the other  is still with me.  I'm not so ready to let it go yet. 

Green glass pendant

Brown glass pendant

Red glass pendant

Dark brown glass pendant

And lastly, the leaf collection.

Blue and Gold glass leaf

Turquoise and Green glass leaf

That's it for now, folks.  Will share more soon.  Ciao!

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