Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simple and Initmate Celebration

Even if busy, one should still give time to a bit of relaxation.  Especially when it has something to do with someone's special day. 

And so it was J. Bond's day yesterday (10-12-10).  But the "simple" and "intimate" celebration happened last Sunday. Nothing to do with our current status of being middle-age when life is en route to slowing down, we have actually been this way since our pre-marriage years. We'd rather drown our nights in our own world ... drinks, pizza and with a few good home. Or, embrace the cool climate of Tagaytay.

Last Sunday, off we went to Tagaytay to celebrate the arrival of middle age.

Started the day with our regular 8:45am Sunday Mass at the basketball court of Alabang Hills Village.  This is where the Alabang Hills Village Christmas Bazaar will happen too ...

Then off we went to Tagaytay for lunch at Bawais.  Known for their home and freshly-cooked Vietnamese dishes and served amidst a cozy and lush eco-environment, Bawais has been one of my favorite destinations in Tagaytay.  Know more about Bawais HERE.

The view while dining in Bawais.

The backyard ...

An nth time visit for me and J. Bond.  The first time for my in-laws.

Two of my favorite dishes.  The first - GOI CUON:  Vietnamese fresh lumpia served with Bawai's peanut sauce.

And second - BUN BO XAO:  Dry noodles with seared beef and vegetables. 

An image that I stare at each time I visit Bawai's.

Articles on Bawais mounted on their wall.

The celebrant right after lunch!  Lol!!!

 A visit to Mary Ridge Good Shepherd Convent after lunch for a few goodies.

This is where I buy Sugar Free Strawberry (real strawberries!!!) jam, honey ...

... and lemongrass soaps too.

Last stop was here to finalize the details of the Pharmacy's Thanksgiving Celebration on October 23, 2010 ...

There's so much to thank for.  Our days.  A year older.  Trials. Successes. Blessings. Even Tears. Dreams. Laughter.  Love.  Life.

TIME TO GIVE BACK.  Meet the Little Angels of Little Angels Home Orphanage. 

I'll surely share the details of our Thanksgiving Celebration  with you soon.  For now, back to reality.  I'm so ready for this :)
 Hope to see you there!


  1. Happy Birthday James!
    Very nice blog Trix.
    Thanks for sharing the day's happenings.
    God bless.

  2. Thanks Janina. Will relay your greeting to James. See you soon :)


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