Friday, October 15, 2010

Same day. Same time. Now na!

I have this bad habit of scheduling activities on the same day. SAME time.  As in, now na!

Ask the Pharmacy staff, surely they will affirm.  They've had their share of my thrill for hectic-ness.  Here's a typical scene:  medical mission in the store while an activity with Senior Citizens is going on at a multi-purpose hall,  then some fly off to distibute flyers and stick posters on all possible posts along the road.  We start at 7am then cap the day at 11pm.  Everyone dead tired. Loony?  Maybe.  No one has dared to shout out loud yet.  Haha!

The point here is ... Today's activities does not differ much from what I am so accustomed to.  The only difference this time is the "victim" .... J. Bond!

Today is set-up day for the Woodrose Family Bazaar.  So I thought.  Thank God, J. Bond heeded my request to take the day off from work to help me with setting-up.  A big smile for his gallant act.  But then, here's what else happened ...

Only today did I realize that our Accountant's office was situated
right beside Laguna Bay.

Literally beside the bay!!! 

While I was obviously appreciating the view, J. Bond ended up meeting with the  Accountant single-handedly. Lol! And yes, I did squeeze Pharmacy-related activities today, right before the bazaar set-up.

The 2nd Pharmacy-related activity for the day. Shopping at Edeng Toy Center in Market Market for the Thanksgiving Activity on October 23, 2010 at Little Angels Orphanage.
By the way, not only does Edeng sell cheap toys and little knick knacks for giveaways,  they also have these colorful wigs.
 J. Bond was getting hungry.

And, loony!!! 

But we did bring home a lot of fun goodies for the Little Angels.

And finally, the original agenda for the day.  The set-up. 

Arranging the bead cloth necklaces.

I was becoming confused here with my mess.  Lol!

Now J. Bond's role.  Safety and Security. Can you see him?  Lol.

Loading and Unloading.

And, pushing the cart.

Now, is he loony?

See you tomorrow.  The Woodrose Family Bazaar opens at 9am and closes at 6pm.

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