Sunday, October 3, 2010

two Sundays ago

I love lazy Sunday afternoons.  Literally stoned, staring into outerspace, absolutely floating in nothingness.  But two Sundays ago just had to be a semi-work day.

My corner at the Country Store of Sonya's Garden.

For now, I think I'm pretty much covered with new and enough stocks for a month or two.  I hope.  Unless I be summoned again for more necklaces.   The previous delivery has left me with only one accidentally damaged arrangement.  All others were sold really fast.  Yahoo!!!  I'm in shock!!! Not that I am complaining.  But based on previous years, the 3rd quarter of the year is generally the slowest.  Well,  looks like I thought wrong.

Surely, will pay a visit again very soon to make sure that Christmas is well covered too.  For the meantime, click HERE to see what is currently available in Sonya's Garden.

On the way home, I was annoyingly amused by this.   

Yes, that yellow tarpaulin you see is actually the facade of a truck parked along the road and apparently the reason why I was stuck in traffic on this Sunday afternoon.  Duh.  Terrible.  But then, do you see that amusing sight in the photo?  If not, here's a manipulated closer version.

Haha!!! A man sleeping on a hammock right underneath the truck. I couldn't believe it!  Here's a thought--what if someone drives off that truck without knowing about the sleeping man.  I'm sure that will be the last of it.  Oh boy, I wonder. Lol.  How's your Sunday so far?

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