Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Children's toys back then

We're ready!  Not for another bazaar but for this Saturday's Thanksgiving Activity  sponsored by the October birthday celebrants of Generika Drugstore-Bahayang Pag-asa Branch (the Pharmacy).

Remember the toy shopping J. Bond and I did during set-up day? Well, here's some of the loot all packed-up and ready for distribution.

Fixing the loot made me reminisce my childhood days, when computers and internet were still non-existent.  Lol!  But back then, it was definitely fun with lots of INTERACTION.  Now  is a different  thing.  Kids have become so hi-tech and gadget freaks.

So for this coming Saturday, I have opted to share the pleasures that ruled my life when I was a child.  I hope the kids of Little Angels Orphanage enjoy the simple stuff as much as I did.

Bubbles in bear containers

Colorful candies in hammer-like toys

Do kids still play jackstone?  I used to.  A lot.

How about pick-up sticks?

My time was all about Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars stickers.  Now, it's Anime and High School Musical to name a few.

Prizes for fun games.  I'm so excited to see the Little Angels play bowling.

There's a lot more in store for the kids aside from these toys.  Can't wait any longer to see their smiles :) 

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