Sunday, October 31, 2010


BOO!!!  Malls and streets are swarmed with ghosts, witches, fairies, angels, mummies, pumpkins and so many many more.  Oh, I even brushed elbows with Harry Potter while having lunch at the mall today.  Even the cast of Twilight  zoomed right before my eyes. Unfortunately, my camera's battery conked out on me and so I am left with these few photos.

First, a glimpse of Halloween 2009 in NY ...
I love BOO!!!  I made BOO my profile pic in Facebook :)


Big Brown Eyes

Guardian Scarecrow

And the 2009 winner, Gizmo in his Hotdog costume!!! Yummy!!!

Moving on to Halloween 2010, scenes from Generika-Bahayang Pag-Asa (the pharmacy) at 6am ...
Cut-out bats made with "love" by the pharmacy staff. 

Our store's version of BOO! with a cut-out witch flying along the milk shelf.

Spider on a web while having your blood pressure taken.

The crafts corner.  All made by the very creative staff.

Generika's 206 early trick or treaters for Operation Health Alert.

And, strolling along Alabang Hills Village ...
Lawn decor

Tree decor.  Love it!!!

Security guard at your service.  Cute!

But here's the best of  em' all ... 
Early plug:  Toys and Gifts Bazaar at the Community Center of Alabang Hills Village on December 10, 11 and 12, 2010.  By Beaded Story will be there.

Happy Halloween!!!

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