Friday, October 8, 2010

Binondo and Divisoria on October 2

Life is not all about beads, you know.  Sometimes it has something to do with a busted microwave and a much needed tent.

I think appliances made these days really do have a short life span.  Quality no longer exists and  destined to be disposed later on. My microwave took a toll on its 4th year of existence.  That young!  I opted to take the first step of having it repaired (which by the way had something to do with the fuse) ... but MY GOSH, the cost of that fuse was as much as a brand new microwave.  Good thing it was still covered by an extended warranty and I was reimbursed the full amount of its original price.  Yahoo!  Hello, brand new microwave!!!

So on October 2, J. Bond and I picked up the reimbursement from our  insurer's office in Binondo. FAR from our place of origin.  But no problemo.  We had other shopping destinations in mind anyway.

First, the headlines of the day. Tabloid vs National Dailies.  Spot the difference...

Eek! Headlines suck big time.  Whether tabloid or a national daily, the "sensational" tone is just the same.  Don't you think?  But I adore the lifestyle and entertainment sections.  It helps me keep loving life. Lol.

I've been to Binondo so many times in the past because of my ex-job.  But not J. Bond. He's been here, but in  a stop and let's go way. Unlike me,  I have swam every nook and cranny of this place.  With a Chinese tour guide-slash-friend of course.  Otherwise, there's no point.  I don't speak Chinese. Moreso, understand.  Lol. Since I pretty much knew my way around, I gave J. Bond a 20-minute tour on that day.

Where we were.  Known for gold and chinese yummy treats.

Chinese lamps.  Sponsored by Oishi, I guess. 

As written on this link, Binondo is an enclave in Manila primarily populated by Chinese immigrants living in the Philippines. So, the next photo is definitely not in Hongkong nor in China.  But right here in the Philippines.  The jeepney says it all.

A landmark I always refer to.  Seeing this makes me know I'm still on the right track.The famous Binondo Church.

See the purple signage of Eng Bee Tin on the right (behind Tasty Dumplings)?  That was where I brought J. Bond for some Chinese yummy treats.  My top preference for Chinese treats still goes to Eng Bee Tin even with the presence and more accessible players in the market ...  that is, despite Mr. G's thumbs down on my multiple lease offers in the past.  But past is past and I still love Eng Bee Tin!  By the way, two Eng Bee Tin's are found on this street.  Literally neighbors. And another one on the street perpendicular to this.

Inside Eng Bee Tin.  J. Bond's purple bun.  Siopao.

 My treat.  Sugar free hopia.

More treats.

Only here in Binondo one can find a purple fire truck.  All because of Mr. G who was appointed to head the district's fire brigade group  at the time we first met.  Purple, obviously, is his fave color.

A kalesa ....

Really a quick tour of Binondo.  And since we were already in Manila, we thought why not visit  Divisoria.  Not really for shopping.  But more like tent-buying for the Pharmacy.

Since the Pharmacy opened in 2009,  all we did was rent a tent for our monthly medical missions and other outdoor activities.  So a year after, the expenditure on tent rental totally freaked us out.  Ergo, we bought one!  Easy to install.  I hope.  Easy to dismantle. I hope. And easy to store.  I hope.  I'll know on the 15th, the 1st time we'll ever be using the tent.

Of course, did an on-the-side browsing too. Take one.

Take two.

Tomorrow's activities will have a semblance of last October 2's activities. Again for the Pharmacy, but less the "disposable microwave".  Thank God!  By the way, I'm so set for the the Woodrose Family Bazaar next weekend.  For now, I'm really getting sleepy.  Signing off. Good night =)

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