Friday, October 29, 2010

The Faceless Image

Not that I'd want to instill fear in your thoughts and hearts.  But since Halloween is within arm's reach, I am so reminded of one Christmas Day in Antipolo two decades ago. 

After the festivities in my maternal grandparent's home, we finally called it a day close to midnight. Mom on the wheel, I and a sister by the passenger's seat, and the rest at the back in our brown family car.  Everyone feeling a bit pooped from the fun festivities but definitely elated and wide awake.  It was a block away from my grandparent's home when we made a right turn ... and came face-to-face with a semblance of this image ...

No one couldn't close his eyes on the way home. Not even an ounce of sleep that night, nor the nights that followed.

To this day, I still remember (with a tinge of fear) every detail of the faceless image, and so does the whole family. When we made that right turn, there she was walking uphill. With the car's headlights beaming towards her, she slowly exposed her image, then hurriedly floated our way. Mom said "close the windows", then stepped HARD on the gas.  Relatives residing in Antipolo have confirmed the apparition which apparently was caused by a fatal accident. 

The apparition site is a busy thoroughfare today.  But I sometimes wonder if the faceless image still lurks around.  I hope not.  I never dared to return at night.  I pray that she has crossed over from the land of the flesh to the realm of the spirits  ... and I pray MORE for that little tinge of fear to finally soon dissolve away.

How can I ever forget this TRUE ghost story?

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