Monday, October 18, 2010

Scenes from the Woodrose Family Bazaar '10

Last weekend made me feel High School again.  I was surrounded (too much!) by tons of happy, noisy, feisty and pretty High Schoolers from Woodrose. And take note, they were equally divided according to four super-energetic teams: Team Gold, Team Red, Team Blue and Team Green. I really wonder where they get their energy from.  I don't even remember I was that way during my High School years in AC!!!  Haha.  Apparently, I came from "competition".

But then, I aged. And so did my perspective on inter-school competition.  Everyone's a friend now.

Anyway, here are a few scenes from last weekend's Woodrose Family Bazaar. 

First, By Beaded Story's booth.

Tala Necklaces

Table set-up.  I used to do a grand set-up. With panel boards and all. 
Not anymore.  I want it easy and breezy.

Tala Scarf necklaces

By Beaded Story's latest work.  For the meantime, I call these "chandelier" necklaces.  No idea why.  But it sounds really nice :)

Earrings and a bangle.  Behind are Bead Cloth necklaces.

Meet the STAFF.
Vin and Ram, full-time staff.

B=RAVE dude friend and J. Bond, part-time staff.  10 minutes max!  
Absolutely not a good idea to have them near the booth.
They repelled the customers.  Lol.

And more bazaar scenes.
Mini-exhibit on Woodrose

Woodrose Family Day

Morning shopping.  Really hot mornings.  Somewhat like summer. 

Downpour in the afternoons

Night shopping

Huge sacks used as garbage bins.  Nice idea! 

Morning play

Non-stop play

I love this umbrella!

Visit By Beaded Story in FACEBOOK to view the full album.

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